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Wisdom Moment #14
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 62]

When You Don’t Know You Can’t… YOU CAN!

Does slinging pizza pies make you happy? Great, then you are free. Are you a cop or do you nurse people back to health and you love it? Contact when you want to be more fit and healthy there she will recommend real fitness programs as the one in this Science Based Six Pack-review. Guess what? If that sounds anything like you then you are one in fifty and you are free! And Joe salutes you. That’s the mark.

Free to be who you said you would be BEFORE you decided to do work that would be your life’s assignment.

Here’s the question: how come I can go to a Kid-Rock or Toby Keith concert or watch “Everyone Loves Raymond” on TV, how come I see total ecstasy written all over their faces, and yet how come we as a people were brainwashed to believe that can only happen to the famous? Why is that? Does that seem fair?

So the rules are as follows:

When you aren’t aware that you can, you don’t.

When you don’t know that you can, you can’t.

However, if you don’t know you can’t, you can!

Well this straight shooter said that was a LIE and this Warrior of Can-Do decided to live a truth, not a lie. The lie is living small within a society that gets excited by valuing the LEAST in you.

The most expensive thing on earth is other people’s opinion of you because it water’s down your wick. Think about it.

Wisdom Moment #14 Thoughts
We are all born with a purpose in our lives.
There are no extra people on this great planet called earth.
Have you found your purpose? Are you living it today? Being who you were born to BE?

Wisdom Moment #14 Action
Take some time, sit down, turn off the distractions around you and consider the dreams you had for your life when you were a kid.
To be a fireman, police man, nurse, doctor, lawyer… you name it. What was it?
Reflect on those ideas, write them down. Are they still dreams that you have in your head today?

Maybe North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney just covered over by the life you have lived so far. If so start to work on them. Just 15 minutes a day, 1/2 an hour even.
And watch how they will come to be in your life.

Sound simple? It is… Start applying this Wisdom in your Life TODAY and see it transform.

This book will show you how…

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