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Wisdom Moment #24
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 64]

“What You Write You Invite” Because What You Begin To Document Starts To Imagine You

Do this. Buy a fancy $25 Barnes and Noble journal. Do it. Most people never record their lives. That doesn’t occur to most people because most people only “see” what their eyes allow them to see and forget to RECORD what creation sees AS THEM.

Caesar did. Ted Kennedy in his book “True Compass” reveals that he wrote his biography based on fifty (50!) years of NOTES!

The law of the pen says this, “What you write down you expect to happen.” It also states, when you write stuff down it ADDS thoughts (gravity from above) to whatever you are thinking as you doodle this and doodle that. I always record the silence because silence is the voice of He who made you and in that silence, He gives you concepts. Teach your children that “God doesn’t give money. God gives concepts.” Always have a legal pad next to you. Always expect greatness and know that what cancels out a miracle is ignorance. Everyone has sparks of genius. But not everyone recognizes those sparks as answers to prayers.

More money isn’t within other men. More income is first within your UNCOMMON ability to see UN-COMMONLY. Start to record and to WRITE uncommonly. What you write you invite.

Always record your days and always record the sparks of abundant IDEAS that are shot into you. I did. Where do you think this book came from? Where do you think electricity and the iPhone came from? SPARKS?! Now say it. “I LOVE SPARKS!”

Wisdom Moment #24 Thoughts
“A life worth living is a life worth recording.” There is an energy that exists and connects the pen to your hand, to your brain, to your subconscious mind. The act of writing things down adds thought and energy to your thinking. It makes it come alive within your mind and starts the process, through repetition, of reprogramming your subconscious mind. What you write about re-enforces through energy what you think about, and what you think about, continuously over and over again, comes about. The power of the pen to create the life of your dreams.

Wisdom Moment #24 Action
Go today and get yourself a note book and start recording your life. You have a story to tell and share with the rest of the world today and long after you have departed. It is your responsibility to leave this legacy for generations to come. When you have passed on to eternity and graduated school house earth, the people left behind will look at two things, pictures of you and what you wrote. What will You leave for them to read?

Start recording and writing your life today, right now!

This book will show you how…

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