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Wisdom Moment #27
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 82]

Shifting From The Prey To The Predator

Now look, as you shift from prey to predator understand that to the extent that you allow other people to rule and to define your name, is to the measure and prediction — of your demise.

Your future can be predicted by and to what extend you allow others to label you as.

He’s a divorced man. She’s a chemist at Budweiser. That guy is fat. The guy over there is a twit and the little girl down on Cherry street is a brat and so it goes. That’s what people do. They label you and they label me. Most are all un-truths.

However, we as a race often assume those labels that other people give us. Don’t we? Yes, WE DO! The game then is to be ahead of the ho-hum crowd and to BOLDLY say out loud, who you are.

Why? Because then you become the influence and the mob then – simply becomes influenced by you.

So shift from the influenced to influence itself. You then, through your own POWER of intention, become the observer and to all who enters your elite web of self mastery, can only participate in the TRUTH that you observe. Because…

Just as you called yourself to be, so said you are. Do you understand that in your name hides a LEGEND that is yet to be known! Did you know that YOU were born and adopted into greatness the second of your birth! Why else would the world have included you? Of course you are great. So stop contradicting your Maker!

Wisdom Moment #27 Thoughts
Are you living your life as Victim or Victor? Most people choose victim in their life. I say choose, because it is a choice that we make. We can not choose our circumstances be we can choose whether we respond or re-act to them. How do you respond to situations and circumstances in our life determines how we live in the future.

Do you hear what people have called you and labeled you as? Have you allowed what they call you to determine who you are? Well let me tell you this, you are not defined by anything other than what you allow yourself to be. It’s your choice Which one will you make today?

Wisdom Moment #27 Action
Start today, and go get in front of the mirror and salute yourself. Tell yourself right to your face, looking right into your eyes and say… “I’m a good kid. I am Great! I deliver greatness to all that I meet and in return they give greatness back to me. I am Awesome, Terrific, Fantastic, and Phenomenal!” Go right now. Give it a try. Watch how it will change you and transform your life.

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