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Wisdom Moment #26
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 125]

The More You Remove Yourself As The Opponent The More You’ll Allow Yourself To Do

I’m a game player. You should be too because life is a game and it’s completely solitaire. It’s a game you play 100% alone and within your own mind. See, where you get into trouble is when you ignore yourself and you put the gamesmanship in the hands of other people and expect other people to do your bidding for you. Look, YOU are the game my friend and you are the only person who can write yourself a check… at least one worthy of you own legend.

Just as I have said to you boat loads of times throughout this book already, “Whatever you believe about yourself as true, is all that you will allow yourself to be and to have.” FAT people are simply fat MINDS just as BROKE people simply THINK poorly.

Wisdom Moment #26 Thoughts
GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! The only thing holding you back and keeping you from the life you were born to live IS… you guessed it… YOU! And guess where it starts? In Your MIND. Right between your ears. It is Your life to live not anyone else. When it is all said and done and you graduate school house earth and trip into eternity, and stand before your CREATOR… is there anyone else with you? Is there anyone else there to give an account for you? NO, not your spouse, not your parent, your kids, your boss… no one.. JUST YOU! So stop thinking the answers are outside of you… they aren’t. They lie just two inches below your current consciousness inside you. ALL OF THEM. You just need to look in the right place and allow the people, places, and things that show up in your life to unlock the doors to the answers you are looking for. Are you ready to accept and receive the keys to the doorways of your future life? The one that is waiting for you and you were born to live? The life of your dreams?

Wisdom Moment #26 Action
Today’s action step… Start looking for the answers to what you are looking for inside of yourself rather than outside. Start asking yourself different questions. Here is one that is the most important to your success. When looking at your goals and tasks that you want to get done you usually ask yourself “What do I need to do to achieve them?” Instead look at your current goals and ask the following question for each “Who do I need to BE to achieve this?” This one shift in consciousness will allow your mind shift from the how to the what. When this happens you move from DOING to BEING and life moves from RESISTANCE to FLOW. This is what every successful leader does and why it looks like things are ‘easy’ for them. So start today. Ask yourself this new question and move towards the life of you where born to live, the life of your dreams.

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