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Welcome to The New Years Installment of Wisdom In A Moment.

This series is collection of readings, writings, thoughts, and actions that will only take a moment and will renew your mind!

It is a time of the year where people are reflecting on the past year as well as looking to the coming year with a list of resolutions in hand.

Every wonder why they are so hard to keep?

This wisdom moment will shed some light on that question and give you some things to help you get to the success and achievement you deserve.

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      Wisdom In A Moment…

Wisdom Moment #18
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 114]

Why Quitters Fail To Stick It Out

People who live by the PHILOSOPHY of what isn’t here yet is more important that WHAT they have now, and who live a life in the thrill of what could be, usually give up and quit. I beg you to re-read that again. Serious. Read that again.

That’s because the frustration of competing against yourself becomes too harsh and the ego will then TRICK YOU into believing that NOT to HAVE (whatever your goal is) is easier and less stressful than making your goal come alive.

      All because most people put a
      higher value on what
      ISN’T versus on what “is” right now.

This is why people complain. They boo-hoo because they do not appreciate “what is.” They complain because they do not appreciate what they already have. So they complain because they honor only the F-U-T-U-R-E and not what is already in their hands.

Wow! What a revelation!

Hey? Is our house big enough honey? No, we need a bigger house. But honey, our house is already huge! “No” she says because she always puts a higher value on what IS NOT HERE than on what is. And this is why 82% of society is never satisfied.

Because it’s never good enough. Because they put a higher value on what COULD BE than on what is in their hands. Therefore almost no matter what, they never FEEL successful or like a winner.

Wisdom Moment #18 Thoughts
Most people live there lives somewhere in their past, or in their future and some bounce back and fourth between the two of them. A person who lives their life in the past usually lives a life of regret of the current moment and lack of hope for the future. On the other side of things, a person who lives their lives in the future are never satisfied with their current reality and are hoping and wishing the future will be better. Those who live in both just flip flop back and fourth between them. How is this fulfilling the most important time in your life. The gift of the present moment? There is a reason it is called ‘present’, since that is where all of your true gifts lie.

Wisdom Moment #18 Action
To shift yourself from your past and future living here is the most powerful action step that has helped me and can help you too…

Create a gratitude journal. Grab yourself a nice book with a solid cover and label it Gratitude for The Gift’s of Today. Each day, date the page and write in 5 things that you are grateful for that day. If at first you can’t think of 5, write as many as you can and try for more the next day. The best time of the day to do this would be right before you drift off to sleep. That way these thoughts are the last you have before you sleep. What to stretch yourself even further, trying making your daily list to not include anything that you have already been recorded as being grateful for in the past. POWERFUL STUFF!

Now go and get started with this for the next 28 days… and watch as your life will transform into the gift of the present moment.

Many blessing to you and your success in becoming the I AM you where BORN TO BE!

This book will show you how…

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