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Wisdom Moment #28
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 66]

When You Become More To More People, Your Own Life Will Begin To Mean More To You!

Bruce Lee died a LEGEND and left behind a TRUE PHILOSOPHY and as such, on his grave, someone etched, “Your guidance and inspiration has freed us and liberated many.”

Jean-Claude Van Damme Vs. Bruce Lee

Look, I love Jean-Claude Van Damme just as much as any red blooded guy. I loved his martial arts movie, “Blood Sport.” But a Bruce Lee he is not. People will doubtfully leave thank you’s on his grave sight when Claude passes on. They just won’t. Because what philosophy has Van Damme given us to live up to? King Solomon did. Ali has. Bat-Man did. Mr. Rogers did. You will too?

Your world changes in an instant and you build immediate tangible equity into your future when OTHER people are unlocked and inspired to change because of you!

Wisdom Moment #28 Thoughts
We are here in this life to take our experiences, good or bad, and what we learn from them, to shape who we are and what we do and be in the world. All of these things create our life philosophies and core values that we live by. When we connect our philosophies with our doing we create a flow in our life as we move towards who we are born to BE!

Wisdom Moment #28 Action
Take a moment… Grab a pen and a note book or your journal and write down your life philosophies and core values. Write down what you think about today and what you want to be etched on your tombstone when you graduate this life and strip into eternity. The difference between them will be the path and journey that you can start taking today to move towards who you are to BE!

Keep living your life full out moving towards your dreams and who you were born to be.

This book will show you how…

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