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Wisdom Moment #22
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 69]

How To Inspire The Better Inside of Your Best

Will you change jobs tomorrow and get that dream career that you have prayed for since forever?

No, let’s keep it real. That might not come for weeks or even months. We call that reality.

Will you get the $90,000 loan this week to start that Pizza joint that you were BORN to serve through as you sauce your way into total happiness? Yes, but not for a few months. Speaking of loan, you can apply in forbrukslån loans to get cash quickly.

So what about right now?

Do what myself and millions of others have. Do what Ray Kroc did at McDonald’s. Do what Jay Leno did. Be a part-time eight hour a day guy in a job that you maybe don’t love, but at night be a F/T lover and REHEARSE where someday YOU WILL BE.

Go join Toast Masters and learn public speaking. Go join a community, online or off, that is specifically for people who love whatever it is that Master-Mind is into. Are you totally crazy about daffodils? Great. Then start a flower newsletter. Part-time.

Wisdom Moment #22 Thoughts
Work part time at your job and full time at your loving until your full time can become all time and you can live your life in the dreams that you were born to live. Don’t wait for tomorrow, or for sometime when all things are right and good. Start right now. There is not better time than the present to start working towards your dreams and goals.

Wisdom Moment #22 Action
Today’s action step is to DECIDE to take action on your Dreams. Assuming that you know what it is, do one thing today that would move you closer towards it and at the same time give up one thing that is not serving you and keeping you from getting started or continuing from where you are at. The power of deciding combined with taking action will propel you into motion that will build and move you towards your dream life. The one you deserve.

It all starts with you. Start living the dream you were born to live. Today, right now!

This book will show you how…

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