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Wisdom Moment #23
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 70]

What You Want Can’t “Find You” Until What You Dream of Becomes a Daily Reminder of Your Desire

That’s what Brad Pitt did. Art first. Get paid later. All you do is decide to bring your FUTURE into that now by being NEXT to and in the environment of what you can’t live without… now! Go work part-time at night in whatever biz ideas that you love. Write a book. Whatever. Just don’t wait. DIG the hole before it rains!

CREATE the vacuum effect. Why? I’ll tell you why and it’s profound: Until you make what you love a LIFESTYLE and a “having” today, what you want won’t know how or be able to ATTACH “itself” to you.

So just BE it. Just be with OTHER hard chargers so that their energy can wash off and become yours. Then from the FRICTION between who you could be and who you are not quite yet, that will force you, the world and your body, to assemble the destiny that you were born to receive. Abe Lincoln did that. So did Elvis. Be the thing, before the “thing” starts to become you.

Wisdom Moment #23 Thoughts
Are you making what you love a LifeStyle in your life? Is your life fulfilling what you love? If not, then how can your life purpose and dreams be lived out. It is like being out of state with what you love and are born to do.
Wisdom Moment #23 Action
Simple action step for today!
Here it is…
Start to live what you love and love what you live.
When you do this the people places and things that need to come into your life to fulfill your dreams and purpose will show up.

It all starts with you. Start living the lifestyle of the life were born to live today, right now!

This book will show you how…

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