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Wisdom Moment #29
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 42]

The Discipline of Giving Yourself Permission

As I said earlier, your mind gets all excited and loves to REMIND you that you are supposed to be attached to everything that happened to you years ago. The brain does that to keep you cozy and “safe.” This is why most people never experience change much and all they ever experience year in and year out is the same OLD drill they experienced TEN years ago!

The MIND gets a nasty and egotistical thrill in showing you mental memories of what a clown you looked like the last time you felt strong and wanted to rehearse your better. And yet through it all, the only way you’ll ever elevate past those sorry old days is if you plane Jane simply doggone give yourself PERMISSION as in, “Please move over old me. The new me says we are stepping up to the plate again.”

And your supporting philosophy will sound like this, “Anything anyone ELSE ever did, anyone else can also do!”

Wisdom Moment #29 Thoughts
One of my favorite philosophies is… “If someone else has done it, then it proves that I can do it too!” Most people in this world go through the motions of life and never really live. The are on some kind of auto pilot, plugged into the matrix. What they fail to understand is that the only thing that is holding them back is giving themselves permission to have the life that they dream of. That life is only one decision away from becoming reality for them.

Wisdom Moment #29 Action
Grab a pen, paper and a note book or your journal. Turn to a clean page and put the date at the top. Now ask yourself this question… “What am I not giving myself permission to that is holding me back from the life of my dreams? The one I am destined and born to live?” Just let whatever comes to your mind flow out and onto the paper. If you can not think of anything, then ask the question again. If you right for a while and then get stuck, ask the question again. Doing this exercise will reveal to you a deep understanding of what is holding you back from living the life you deserve.

Keep your dreams alive my friend.

This book will show you how…

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