By now you must be in full swing of the holiday season.

And if you are like me, you still have some gifts that you
need to get for those tough to buy for people on your list.

Do you find yourself wandering the malls on December 24th
looking for something to jump off the shelf and say ‘pick me’?

I have found that to be the case each year for me…

Well here is something that might just help you out this year.

Tonight, my company Numis Network is putting on a Christmas Sale starting at 8 pm EST.

You can join in and Watch It Live HERE!

There will be unique sales on gold and silver coins that could be what you are looking for that hard to buy for person
on your list.

So stop by tonight and check it out.

It may just keep you from wandering in the malls on December 24th this year and at the same time give
them a gift that will not end up in the re-gifting box that you might just get a few years later.

Watch it HERE!

If you see something you like, then Go HERE to pick it up!

If you get it tonight, it will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Now if you already have all of your shopping done for this year with the help of shopping carts, then you still want to check this out and see how someone who did shopping but made her day into chaos just because of a broken shopping cart wheel.

If you are in business, especially a home business, then you are probably not much into the sales thing. Right?

I hear you. Sales is not my strong suit when it comes to business.

But there is one thing that I have become good at, and that is PROMOTION!

Yep, I connect with people, and then send them to the one that can do the sales for me.

You know what I’m talking about.

Let me share something with you…

When I started out back in 1998 with my friend in grad school to create a technology company, we knew nothing about sales.

In fact, we really knew nothing about business in general, but we did know that sales was one of our main weaknesses.

We did have one thing…

That was our passion for what we believed in combined with our ability to tell everyone that would be interested in it
about it.

We became excellent PROMOTERS of our Vision and Passion which wound up resulting in attracting millions of dollars in venture capital for the business and went on to be a successful multi-million dollar company.

Who would of thought that two long haired guys who only owned only one suit could accomplish what we did.

It was through PROMOTION and then bringing in the people with the skills and talents that we did not have to do the rest…

My point is this…

Come and check out what is going on tonight and see how a million dollar sales man does it.

Learn from the best and see how you can do it to.

Join in HERE!

See you tonight at the party!

To your massive success!


P.S. If you see something you would like tonight just
go over HERE and pick it up…

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