How Do You Tell Your Story?


We all have stories in our life about the journeys that we have been on in the past.

Have you ever thought about how you tell those stories to other people?

The impact that may have on their journey?

The stories in our lives come in many different shapes, types and sizes.

There are stories of Success, Heartbreak, Tragedy, Glory, and more…

all around the events that have happened in our past.

So I was talking with a friend a while back who shared a story with me about a tragic event that happened in their life.

It was one of those types of stories where while you are listening to it and at the end of it you are feeling sad for your friend.

Can you relate? It’s one of those stories that is filled with drama and trauma.

Anyway, after listening to this story from my friend. I was feeling really down and was like wow, that was some really terrible stuff that happened to you.

It got me to thinking, if this is how I feel about the story my friend is telling me, I wonder how other people are feeling after they hear it.

Even more curious was I about what my friend must be feeling reliving this story of their past over and over again.

There must be something better…

So I asked my friend… What if you stopped telling that version of your story and made a choice to tell something new?

What if inside your story was a gift that you could share with other people that would inspire them, lift them up, and encourage some of them that maybe listening to it that went through the same circumstances that they have hope for the future. They can overcome it.

Every story has two sides.

The story we tell is just the choice that we make.

For today, take a look at one of your stories that you’ve been telling other people about your tragedies that make people feel sorry for you…

and decide to change it and tell a new story of yourself to the world.

Bring out the gift that is inside that tragedy and hard times and tell a new story today.

You’ll be glad you did.

Keep your dreams alive!

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