Be Prepared For Your Breakthrough… It’s Coming!


Do You Know That The Breakthrough You Are Looking For In Your Business Is Just Around The Corner?

Well it is!

You are only on partner away from an explosion of growth.

Not just a trickle of growth…


I’m sure you have heard the stories…

This one superstar guy joins so and so’s business and it changes everything!

I know what you are thinking… It only happens to them not me.


Do you know how it happens?

Even better question…

Do you know why it doesn’t happen for most people?

The two reasons that it doesn’t happen for most people are:

1. They quit right before it is about to happen.

2. They aren’t prepared for it to happen, so even when this person does show up, they can not effectively work to achieve explosive results.

Now, if you stayed diligent and consistent in your marketing and business, you will find that superstar person that will partner with you and your breakthrough will happen.

So like they say in the boy scouts, BE PREPARED for that person to show up.

Be the person that would attract that BIG DAWG to you.

Most people ask…

What do I need to do today to move my business forward?

And Yes, you need to ask that question.

But an even more important question is…

Who do I need to become to attract the people I desire to partner with me and create a breakthrough in my business?

The answer to the become question, combined with taking massive action, will allow you to be prepared for the superstar partner to join you.

Don’t worry if you missed one or two along the way to far.

Start becoming who you need to be, there are more people waiting to find you too!


What are you going to do TODAY to prepare for the breakthrough in your business?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!


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The Time Management Secrets Of Top Achievers!


What Are The Time Management Secrets Of Top Achievers In Your Business?

How do you manage time for your home based business?

Do you schedule specific times or do you just flow with things as they come to you?

I have found that most people do not really have a plan for their business and also determine what they do as things come up.

No wonder there is such a low success rate for people.

I know that everyone is busy, and it is not always easy to find time do all the things you plan to do in a day, and then life happens as well. Right?

Well I have found that the best way to build this business is in 30 minute increments with NO distractions!

Yep, it is as simple as that.

So what can you do in 30 minutes?

Here are some things you can do can…

  • Call Prospects
  • Send Out Packages
  • Email Links To Presentations
  • Invite People To Events
  • Call And Encourage Your Leaders
  • 3 Way Calls
  • Follow-ups
  • All of the busiest people can carve out 30 minutes.

    To make this successful, make sure to be super productive for this 30 minute period and then go back to what they were doing.

    Then do another 30 minutes again.

    If you are working part time on your business, let’s say 10 hrs a week.

    Then you only need to work for 4 – 30 minute increments from Monday to Friday!

    How does it get any better than this?

    30 Minutes to much time to carve out at once?

    Then you can even do 15 minute!

    Doing things in tight time frames, with lots of urgency, excitement, sizzle, and focus…

    You will get the results you are looking for!

    You will achieve the success you are looking for in your business!

    How does it get any easier than this?

    If you had only 30 minute increments to build your business, what would you focus on?

    Share your thoughts below.

    To your massive success!


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