The Power Of Words


What Is The Story You Tell Yourself?


Most people are totally unaware of the word they us and how these words could be keeping them completely stuck in their business and life.

We are constantly telling ourselves stories about who we are and what we are in our heads.

What kind of story are you telling yourself?

Is it a dream of all your desires and vision?


Is it a nightmare of all your fears and failures?

Which ever it is, you probably know what the outcome and results will be from it.

We have all told ourselves both types of stories through our journey of life.

And you know that how you think, feel, and act determines the life of your future.

It’s just a matter of how many dreams vs. how many nightmares you tell yourself.

There is hope. It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, most of the things that have created this type of reality in the words you use are not really your fault anyway.

We live and have grown up in a society where we are overwhelmed with programming of words that instill fear, worry, doubt, and anxiety into ourselves.

Who new any better when we were young the impact this could have on our lives as we got older.

So if you are ready to set up and re-write the story you tell yourself, you have already taken the first step…

Creating the awareness of the words you are using in your life.

Become conscious of your language.

One of my favorite quotes regarding empowering words and language is this:

“Do or not do… there is no try” ~ Yoda

Anyone who grew up with Star Wars in their life can totally relate to this.

Taking a look at Yoda’s wisdom we can analyse the words here:

  • Try = The easy way out. Meaning, if it doesn’t work out at least I tried.
  • Do = Commitment. You are committing to do something no matter what the outcome is of it.

Can you feel the energy of those two words? The difference between them is amazing.

Now life is all about increasing your energy and vibration to be in line with what your deepest desires, vision, and dreams are that you have for your business and life.

Words can have an amazing effect on that for you.

Here is an exercise for you today:

Write down all of the words that you use to describe yourself and talk to yourself on a regular basis. You know, the ones you use in your head. Then go through that list and circle the ones that when you say them to yourself you feel an increase in positive energy in your body. Cross out the ones that you feel heavy around and that drag you down. Now with this awareness of the words that drag you down and keep you stuck in a rut in your life, spend a day being aware of what they are and how you use them. When they come up, choose something different.

This will totally transform the energy within you and the results on the outside will be amazing.

What words will you stop using today?

How will you change your story in a way that moving it from a nightmare to the dream of your life today?

Take full responsibility for your words and your story.

Only you can make the difference you require and desire in your life.

Start today!

Keep your dreams alive!

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What’s The Secret Story You Tell To Yourself?


When it comes to building a business and life of your dreams, one of the key components that hold the over 95% of people back from being able to achieve it is this secret story that they are telling themselves.

You know what I am talking about?


It’s that story that plays back in your head every time that you hit an obstacle, have something challenging go on, or have something show up that you don’t know how to do about.

You know the story’s …

“I can’t do this.”

“This is too hard.”

“Who am I to do this kind of thing.”

“I should just go back to what I am used to doing.”

Just to name a few.

The name of the game of the leaders and people who are successful in life and business is the overcoming this and writing a new script and story for their life. They focus energy and time on this each and every day until it becomes who they are.

You see, success is about 90% being and 10% doing.

Yes, you heard it right.

It is not about the doing, although taking action is very important, it is about who you become.

So here is a tool you can use to change this in your life.

Once you have your goals and daily activities and to do list ready to get started for the day…

Ask yourself this question:

“Who do I need to BECOME today so that I can have the success and life of my dreams that I see in my head?”

Now sit their still and see what comes up for you.

Maybe it will be nothing. Maybe it will be a feeling of energy.

What ever it is, just by asking the question will move you to a different state of mind for when the chatter of the noise comes back.

Use this to move you through the the times where things are challenging. When that noise comes up, don’t ask “What do I need to do”, ask “Who do I need to BE!”

Life is about the journey more than the destination.

We live life out in the moments we are given.

Become who you were born to be today!

Share your thoughts and experience below of asking the question of who you need to become.

How does it get any better than this?

To your massive success!

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