Is Patience Interrupting your Success?


How many times have you heard someone tell you…

“Just be patient.”

“Good things come to those who wait.”

What if those statements were just lies that feed into your ego designed to keep you stuck right where you are in your business and life?

Most people sit around waiting for life to happen to them and they tell themselves that its ok to do this because they are just being patient.

Why do people do this?

Don’t they realize that this could be the death of their business and what is keeping them stuck right where they are at.

Patience can hold you back from achieving your dreams and desires.

Now don’t get me wrong here… there are times when you certainly need to be patient, but that is not the point here.

The fact is that the universe doesn’t work that way. When you ask for something and truly believe it for yourself it is given to you instantly. The only thing that may take time is the time it takes for the universe to align itself to make it appear in your life.

“Ask and it will be given to you.”

“Everything you have ever desired is already inside you.”

I know, you think that it is things shouldn’t be that simple.

Well why does it need to be complicated?

If it’s so simple, why don’t very many people live in the joy and abundance of who they truly be in their business and life?

Here’s the secret tip that most people miss out on that is hidden within the space of time it takes to realize your every dream.

That is Desire, Belief, and Conviction.

Desire… is what you need to keep yourself motivated. To make things manefest faster in your life, increase your desire. Napolean Hill says that you need to have a Burning Desire in order to achieve all that you were born to be.

Belief… is what you need to keep yourself on track. There are many roads that can take you to where you want to go. Your belief will allow you to know if the road you are travelling is the one that will take you there. When the possibility of choosing a particular path or lane in your journey comes up, use your belief to measure whether to move down it or not.

Conviction… is that you will do what ever it takes to make your dreams, desires, and vision for your business and life come to be. I mean Do WHATEVER IT TAKES! Nothing will stop you from achieving what you have in your head to bring it into reality. Success is virtually guaranteed!

Desire, Belief, and Conviction…

The secret to overcoming your patience that is keeping you stuck in a rut and not moving forward towards your dreams.

So the next time some tells you to be patient, ask yourself…

“Is patience going to interrupt my success?”

Then choose the path, take action and move forward.

Your dreams are waiting for you.

Which will you choose?

Keep your dreams alive!

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