The Art Of Promotion


Do You Tell People About What You Do?


How many people have you met that struggle with telling you about what they do and what they have to offer?

Most people fail in their business because they don’t tell anyone about what they have for sale and why other people should purchase it from them.

It maybe because they think it makes them a pushy sales person or something like that…

Well how are you ever going to have success in your business if you never tell anyone about what you offer and promote what you do to people who are looking for it?

Everyone has something of value to offer to the world…

Products, Knowledge, Services, Ideas… just to name a few.

And you have a desire within yourself to receive compensation for yourself by offering these gifts to people to allow them to purchase them from you.

This is all about making money doing what you love to do.

It is possible to live your passion, dreams, and have an abundance of everything in your life.

Do you believe?

It’s not that hard to achieve and is actually pretty simple.

Here is the secret…

Become a Self Promoter by mastering the art of promotion and promote what you do to the people who are looking for it.

There has never been a time like there is now in history where it is so easy to promote what you have to a lot of people. So many ways for you to get your message out about what you are doing and how it can help others achieve their dreams, desires, and goals for their business and life too!

I know what you might be thinking….

  1. It’s not that simple to do
  2. I don’t know what I need to do
  3. I am so overwhelmed with information, where to I start

Let me tell you something about these thoughts and statements…

The people who have them, are making it absolutely harder than it needs to be.

Here’s what you need to do in sharing and promoting what you have to offer to others:

  1. Forget about what you think the value of your products and services are, and get into the mind of your customers and what do they think and are looking for.
  2. Create value by offering content that helps and educates people on what they are looking for.
  3. Share how you can help them even further with what they are looking for through the products and services that you have to offer.

So there you have it.

3 Simple steps to the art of promotion of what you have for your products and services to get the word out, make some money, and help people out along the way.

What are you doing in your business to move it forward through the art of promotion?

Share your ideas below…

Keep your dreams alive!

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Your Own Worst Critic


Do You Know Who Your Own Worst Critic Is?


Can you guess who that may be?

It’s a person that you look at every day in the mirror.

Yep, you guessed it.

It’s YOU!

You are your own worst critic.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be hard on yourself and tell yourself that you aren’t doing a good enough job in your business or that you should be further along that you are towards your dreams, goals, and desires?

How is that working for you?

Is it making your life full of ease, joy, and abundance?


Do you feel that it is holding you back from everything you have ever dreamed of?

For most people, this crap in their mind that they critisize themselves about totally holds them back from achieving everything they want in their business and in life.

It causes procrastination, stagnation, and lack of taking the required action on the things that they know will lead them to the success they deserve!

This kind of crap talk that you say to yourself does absolutely nothing towards achieving what you desire for your business.

But guess what?

No matter what you do in your business and life, from time to time this kind of thoughts are going to come up.

It is a matter of what you do with them rather than what they are that determines the next path on your journey to your success in your business.

You see, most people try to eliminate these thoughts completely from their life, but that usually just leads to more and more frustration and dissatisfaction that ends up having even more of your own worst critic come through your mind.

But, with each thought that you think, you have a choice to either believe it to be true for you or not.

As you move through the journey of your business towards your vision you have for yourself, these thoughts will come up.

And when they do…

STOP for a moment and ask yourself…

Is this truth for me?

If not… let it go!

and if it is truth in your business, then choose according what the next best action is to take and then go and do it.

You are in control of everything that happens in your life. It’s all a choice.

The next time you become your own worst critic, what will you choose?

Focus on the truth and it will set you free.

Be in allowance of where you are at this moment, and then choose for your future.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Pick A Lane


Which Lane Do You Pick?


One of the biggest problems that I see in most people on their journey with their business or life is them being so worried about the competition and what other people are doing.

Most people waste hours, days, weeks, months, and even years on not taking action because of fear of what other people are or are not doing.

I like to compare this to horses that are racing at the track.

When they are getting ready to race and go out to the starting line, their trainer and rider put the blinders on.

If they didn’t, they would be so distracted by the other people around them that they would not be able to stay in their own lane.

The blinders allow them to keep their head down and focus on the lane they are in, what is in front of them, and where they are going to.

So many people in business and life are distracted by the shiny objects of something better or the grass is greener syndrome.

Can you relate?

Do you know people who have lived their life this way?

Maybe you have experienced this in your past or are even experiencing it now.

Either way, there is a solution to this problem.

3 Steps to Pick a lane for your business and life:

  1. Decide what you truly desire to have for your business and live.
  2. Visualize the experience of already having everything you have desired. Feel that feeling.
  3. Get in your lane, put the blinders on, have your vision of the future in front of you, and just start moving forward.

It’s that simple.

From time to time you may get off track, but don’t worry, just re-focus yourself back into your lane and move ahead to the next step on your journey.

All great things that have been created in the reality of this world have come from people who pick a lane and go for it.

What lane are you running in today?

Is there more than one?

What would it take for you to pick just one and run with it for the next 30 days?

How would your life and business transform into something that you have always dreamed of?

The choice is yours.

Pick a lane and get started today.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Change Your Mind Change Your Life


Do You Know How Your Mind Controls Your Life?


Have you heard this expression before:

“The mind is a terrible thing… waste it!”

Do you agree?

Where you agree or not, when it comes to achieving all that you desire to have in your business and life… there are many reasons why you need to give up on the ‘terribleness’ of your mind and just dump your thinking into the garbage. Get rid of your stinking thinking and let your true self shine through.

It is this stinking thinking that can keep most people stuck in the rut of their mind and never realize their dreams and desires on this planet that have been given to them as gifts to pursue.

So where does this kind of mind that we should so gratefully waste come from?

There are 3 places that are key to creating our mind and thinking in that way which keeps us stuck:

  1. Environment – The place in which we hang out and spend most of our time.
  2. Information – The media that we feed our mind with on a daily basis.
  3. Relationships – The people that we spend most of our time with.

What are you feeding your mind these days?

Is it creating the live that you truly desire?

Here are 3 things you can do to change your mind and your life:

  1. Change your environment. This works best if you work at home. Change your location. Get out of your office. Work outside. Go to the library. Get out of the same old place in which you always work.
  2. Change your input. Make a conscious decision to put aside the newspaper, television news, radio, and other negative info channels that you have pumping into your mind. Add in some motivational audios, watch some inspiring movies, listen to meditative music. When you are on budget, go for one of the best studio headphones under 200. This one thing alone can totally transform your life.
  3. Change who you spend most of your time with. I’ve mentioned this before and you can find evidence of it in your life and the life of others around you… you are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. If your are stuck in a rut and looking to get out, consider the people that you are spending most of your time with and make a change.

Those are some simple steps you can do to change your mind and not have so much of it to waste.

Change your mind, change your life.

It’s up to you.

What will you choose?

Keep your dreams alive!

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How To Decide


Do You Let Decisions In Your Life Stop You From Taking Action?


Most people let the decisions about whether to do something or not do it consume them and stop them from taking action.

Can you relate?

What they really need to do is as soon as something that requires a decision shows up. take action!

Everyone has had great ideas at one time in their lives and if you are reading this post, they you most likely have had many.

You know the kind I am talking about, big visions for your family, your future, your legacy. Your dreams and desires for something greater than your current situation and circumstances.

The kind of things that can drive you forward to take action and do whatever it takes to make it happen!

So they why instead of doing something with the ideas that show up in peoples lives, do most people do nothing at all?

Even worse, they let this lack of decision making totally consume them and lead them to a life filled with regret!

Maybe they have had experience where they have taken action and nothing changed in their life.

That can be the case as all actions are not always the right actions.

They way to get what you want in your life is to choose the actions that support your dreams, desires, goals, and intentions.

The Simple Formula For Living The Life Of Your Dreams!

Here is is:

  1. Have Faith
  2. Trust In Your Knowing
  3. Get Comfortable with Un-Comfortable
  4. Stretch Yourself Beyond Your Comfortzone
  5. Don’t Be Attached To The Outcome

With this simple 5 step formula, why is it so hard for most people to get out of their own way and do the things that they know will move them towards the life of their dreams?

A mentor of mine used to always say…

“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.”

It is the perfectionist attitude that we must know exactly what to do before we do it that keeps most people from moving forward towards their dream life.

What if you gave that all up?

Even just for 1 day?

How would your life and business transform?

Is it worth taking a chance on it?

How to decide is a choice to take action on that which you know you need to do.

What will do today to take action on something that you know will move you closer to your dreams and desires in your life and business?

Just Frikin’ Getter Done!

You deserve it.

Keep your dreams alive!

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The Power Of Words


What Is The Story You Tell Yourself?


Most people are totally unaware of the word they us and how these words could be keeping them completely stuck in their business and life.

We are constantly telling ourselves stories about who we are and what we are in our heads.

What kind of story are you telling yourself?

Is it a dream of all your desires and vision?


Is it a nightmare of all your fears and failures?

Which ever it is, you probably know what the outcome and results will be from it.

We have all told ourselves both types of stories through our journey of life.

And you know that how you think, feel, and act determines the life of your future.

It’s just a matter of how many dreams vs. how many nightmares you tell yourself.

There is hope. It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, most of the things that have created this type of reality in the words you use are not really your fault anyway.

We live and have grown up in a society where we are overwhelmed with programming of words that instill fear, worry, doubt, and anxiety into ourselves.

Who new any better when we were young the impact this could have on our lives as we got older.

So if you are ready to set up and re-write the story you tell yourself, you have already taken the first step…

Creating the awareness of the words you are using in your life.

Become conscious of your language.

One of my favorite quotes regarding empowering words and language is this:

“Do or not do… there is no try” ~ Yoda

Anyone who grew up with Star Wars in their life can totally relate to this.

Taking a look at Yoda’s wisdom we can analyse the words here:

  • Try = The easy way out. Meaning, if it doesn’t work out at least I tried.
  • Do = Commitment. You are committing to do something no matter what the outcome is of it.

Can you feel the energy of those two words? The difference between them is amazing.

Now life is all about increasing your energy and vibration to be in line with what your deepest desires, vision, and dreams are that you have for your business and life.

Words can have an amazing effect on that for you.

Here is an exercise for you today:

Write down all of the words that you use to describe yourself and talk to yourself on a regular basis. You know, the ones you use in your head. Then go through that list and circle the ones that when you say them to yourself you feel an increase in positive energy in your body. Cross out the ones that you feel heavy around and that drag you down. Now with this awareness of the words that drag you down and keep you stuck in a rut in your life, spend a day being aware of what they are and how you use them. When they come up, choose something different.

This will totally transform the energy within you and the results on the outside will be amazing.

What words will you stop using today?

How will you change your story in a way that moving it from a nightmare to the dream of your life today?

Take full responsibility for your words and your story.

Only you can make the difference you require and desire in your life.

Start today!

Keep your dreams alive!

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Careful What You Argue For


Do You Feel The Urge To Be Always Be Right?


There are so many amazing people in the world with such wonderful gifts, but most of them get stuck in the trap of being right all the time.

Can you relate?

Do you know some of these people?

Have you been this person from time to time on your journey?

I know I can and I have…

The thing to understand here about always being right, is that in that scenario in order for you to be right, someone else has to be wrong.

Is it really worth it to make someone else wrong just so you can be right?

What if it was just another point of view that the person had?

Do you need to make them wrong for having it?

Probably not…

Are their cases where the desire to be right takes over so much that you get to the pace of arguing about it?

There is a saying out in the world that goes something like this…

“You can be Right, or you can be Rich”

Which would you choose?

All of the rich people that I have met on my journey have escaped for the need to be right.

In fact, they are at a place where they are wrong most of the time….

But when they get it right, it pays off big time!

So next time you find the urge to be write when someone else is wrong…

Think about it.

What you argue for you will always get to keep.

Is it really worth it to be right?

or can you just accept the other persons information as just another interesting point of view.

Try it out today.

See how it will transform your world.

Be careful what you argue for.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Your Mess Is Your Mission


Do You Feel Like You’re A Mess In Your Business And Life?


Most people at one point in their journey on this planet has a sense that everything in their life is a mess.

Can you relate? Those times when things just didn’t go as you planned. You felt totally out of control. Nothing seem to end up the way you wanted, desired, or envisioned it for yourself.

Well you are not alone. Everyone has some type of mess in their life. Whether it is big or small, we all know what it is like to have some kind of mess in our life.

The areas of your life where messes usually show up are…

  1. Relationships
  2. Health
  3. Money

What if the Invisalign Conroe is messed up in these areas of your life could be just the thing you need to support the mission that you are on during this journey on earth.

Now, I don’t believe that we experience anything in our life that is not there to be used to enable us to move forward on our mission.

There are no coincidences. There are no mistakes. Just things that happen.

And in fact, they are all based on the choices you made anyway!

So here is what you can do with the messes in your life.

After you have gone through them, you know have the opportunity to be able to help others that have not yet experienced it or are going through it to have less of a mess along their journey.

I don’t suggest that you share your mess with a lot of people while you are going through it. Just share it with people who can take it and who you feel can help you along the way.

But when you are on the other side of your mess, now is the time to step up and lead others through their messes that are just like yours.

How awesome can that be?

What kind of contribution can you be to others around you if you share how you overcame and when through your messes?

So if you are struggling in your business right now, and wondering how you could improve the value of what you have available to people to find you and know that you can help them?

You can do it in 3 Simple Steps…

  1. Grab a pen and paper and write down all of the messes that you have gone through in each of the areas above for your business and life.
  2. Pick one of them that you know would be the most value to others to help them out in their business and life.
  3. Package up your messes that you have already gone through.

And once you are done, the put it out there.

Tell the world about what you have so they know what you can offer them.

Your messes are over.

There may be more to come.

It’s your time now to get your past messes package and out there for the world to see.

What are you waiting for?

Someone is out there waiting for you.

It’s your time to show up now.

Just Frickin’ Getter DONE!

Keep your dreams alive!

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Let It Flow


Are You Working Really Hard To Have Something Come Into Your Life But It Just Never Shows Up?


Most people are working so hard on their business and life that it is actually holding them back from achieving their vision, goals, and dreams for it.

Can you imagine that?

Well it’s absolutely true.

Now when you were younger, you were probably told that you have to work hard to get ahead in life.

And to some extent that it true. Hard work is part of the equation for having success in what you do in your life and business.

But what about the people who seem to just flow through life and have everything come to them effortlessly?

Do you think that they work hard?

Or could there be another piece to the puzzle that you just are not getting yet…

Anything that you want to do in your life to change something from what it currently is to what you want it to become take effort.

Sometimes depending on where you are currently at and the gap between it and where you want to go is so huge that it takes a lot of work.

And some of it may even be hard.

But there is something else that you need to have to make it all work out in the end.

That is a clear vision of what your dream and future life looks like.

The picture that is clear in your mind of who you will become.

“Do you have that picture for yourself?”

If not, then grab yourself a piece of paper right now and envision yourself in the future of the life of your dreams.

Take your pen and start to write down what you see, what you hear, what you smell, and most importantly what you feel.

Now take that and look at what you are doing at this very moment and check to see if it is something that will take you there.

The secret to know if it is or not is this…

Does the energy of what you are doing right now match the energy of what you feel when you envision your future life?

If not, then choose to do something different.

If it is, then go for it full out.

Take massive action…

Let it Flow… Let it Flow… Let it Flow!

This will move you into the flow that you see every truly successful person around you experiencing.

It’s like magic.

Your life of your dreams will show up in no time.

So hard work isn’t the only thing you need to do to achieve the life of your dreams.

Start today to measure the feeling of what you are doing against your dream life of the future.

Choose for you and who you be.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Who You Be Is What You Do


Does It Always Seem Like You Are Struggling To Get What You Want?


Are you working so hard at achieving your dreams and desires, but they just don’t seem to show up?

You’re not alone. Most people struggle with this exact same thing.

It keeps you stuck in the crap of where you currently are in your life.

How much fun is that?

Well here’s the thing…

There are two sides to your life.

There are the IN-Side and the OUT-Side.

As you were growing up, you were told and taught to focus on the OUT-Side of your life.

You were told to do this… don’t do that… you can’t do that… stop doing that…

It was a life of…. dodo!

Can you relate?

How has that worked out for you thus far on your journey?

Now don’t get me wrong… Life is about taking action and getting things done, but if that is the only thing you are focused on, then you might end up doing things that just never needed to be done in the first place.

Let’s look at the IN-Side.

If you grew up in any type of spiritual community or with parents that played those self-help tapes and went to seminars… then you had some exposure to the IN-Side of who you BE.

It is through this Knowing of who you BE and having it as the guiding principles of your life, that keeps you on track, and in focus of all your dreams and desires you have ever had and envisioned for your life. It is the driver behind your Dream Life, your Business Vision, and what you are truly put on this planet to accomplish.

How awesome is that?

Your very own internal compass that helps you make the best choices for you based on who you BE.

So if we don’t have this IN-Side.. OUT-Side connection happening a few things happen.

  1. If we are all OUT-Side living, we keep doing the do and creating the dodo in our life that spirals out of control and keeps us stuck in a place that we don’t even realize that we are in. We are not even sure if we are doing what we really need to do, and can easily be distracted by others to do what they want us to do instead of supporting ourselves. In this state you have no idea what you really desire and dream of for your life, but even if you did, you probably don’t believe that it is possible for you.
  2. If you are all IN-Side living, you keep in a state of fantasy rather than reality. You constantly see in your mind and soul what is possible for your life, but you never make any choices and take any action to make your dreams and desires into reality. You are stuck in a place of unconsciousness living that holds you back from what is possible for you in your life.
  3. Is the Ying & Yang balance between IN and OUT – Side living. It is both BEING and DOING. This is the optimal place of living our your life fully and having everything you have always wanted, dreamed of and desired.

So here’s how things really work so you can stop the struggle and have success…

You need to shift from DODO or a BEBE to a BEDOBEDOBEDO… Yes that’s right.

Here’s how it works:

First you BE, then you CHOOSE, then you DO!

Then you repeat the cycle.

Who you BE is what you DO

It’s really that simple…. but if you have been stuck in one of the other states for a while now, breaking the habit and choosing this for your life may take some time, discipline and effort.

But know this… on the other side of all that, lies the life of your dreams. It is so worth it.

Go out and try it today.

See how you truly be and what you can choose to do and make it happen.

You’ll be glad you did.

Keep your dreams alive!

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