Super Simple Lead Generation Tactic


Are you looking for a super simple way to start generating leads today?

Well, there are actually many ways of doing this.

And it doesn’t involve learning some new technical ninja move for driving traffic using SEO black hat techniques to your nerve center.

It’s something that anyone can do.

Even your kids could get involved with this.

It’s called ‘drop card’ marketing.

This is a technique that is usually done by all new marketers, especially those who are working with a limited budget.

You take these cards to public places where your prospects hang out and leave them around for them to find them.

They could be home made flyer’s, hand written posted notes, or ‘dollar cards’.

The money cards attract the most people, because they look like real money.

I recommend the 100 dollar bill version of the cards

Here’s how it works…

You drop the money in places where your prospects will find them,

They pick them up and read your business info.

If they are interested, they will take action and if they are not interested they will just drop it again for the next person to pick up.

How does it get any better than that?

So, if you are just starting out and working on a budget, consider this super simple method of lead generation.

Grab yourself some Money Drop Cards Here…

Order Your Drop Cards Here!

What’s been your experience with this super simple marketing method?

What other methods do you use in your business?

Share your comments below.

To you massive success!

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What Makes A Lead A Lead?


Do You Know What Makes A Lead A Lead In Your Home Business?

We have heard of a lead defined in many different ways in the network marketing industry.

Some of those definitions include:

1. An Opt-In on your blog or capture page;
2. An email in your autoresponder;
3. Someone who responded to an advertisement that you posted;
4. All the people in your cell phone contact list;

and my favorite…

5. Your friends and family!!!

Do you believe that these people are really leads?

Let’s take a look at each of them…

People who opted-in on your capture page or blog at the most are someone looking for free stuff or want to see what you have to share and if it has value. Does this sound like a lead or just an interested prospect?

Same goes for people in your autoresponder if they opted-in. If you added them manually to your autoresponder then these are not even interested people, they are people that have no idea why you all of a sudden request to send them stuff… ( Hopefully they at least know you ).

Someone who responds to an Advertisement is probably lead to connect with you because you wrote some good copy and peeked their interest. Sounds still like it is a prospect rather than a lead.

People in your cell phone and your friends and family?

Need I say more?

I think by now you get the picture.

So if these people are not considered leads who would be?

Inquiries are not leads.

People wanting free stuff are not leads.

Neither are those “coveted” lists of names.

And calling these “leads” borders on insulting.

Leads are people who…

1. Are truly interested in talking directly to you about your products and services to see how you can help them
2. Match the profile of your ideal client
3. Have a budget
4. Have a need that you can fulfill
5. Are open to pursuing how you can help them attract new business.

Now that’s a qualified business lead.

And we are in business to build a business right?

So what are the best types of leads?

The best leads are those you have received through a referral. When you receive a qualified referral, you are pre-sold to them by the person who did the referring. You have credibility and trust. Your sales cycle time shortens. And, you have virtually no competition. When you’ve been referred, you get a new partner or customer in your business more than 50% of the time.

How does it get any better than this?

So stop calling everyone and everything a lead!!! Alright?

It’s is a waste of your time.

I’m not just splitting hairs over terminology.

In this volatile economy, it’s easy to be lured by businesses selling you on “leads” that only sit your funnel and don’t deliver any sales.

Can you really afford to attract the wrong kind of customers and partners to your business?

A full funnel is only valuable if it’s filled with the ideal partners and customers that are right for you – those that are qualified and referred.

So who are in your funnels and on your lists?

Are they truly leads or just interested prospects?

Share your comments below.

If you’re ready to start generating interested prospects for your business for free and learn how to turn them into leads that are ready to buy from you, then Join Our Attraction Marketing Mastermind Group and start achieving the success you’ve been waiting for today!

To your massive success!

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