Telling A New Story


How Do You Tell Your Story?


We all have stories in our life about the journeys that we have been on in the past.

Have you ever thought about how you tell those stories to other people?

The impact that may have on their journey?

The stories in our lives come in many different shapes, types and sizes.

There are stories of Success, Heartbreak, Tragedy, Glory, and more…

all around the events that have happened in our past.

So I was talking with a friend a while back who shared a story with me about a tragic event that happened in their life.

It was one of those types of stories where while you are listening to it and at the end of it you are feeling sad for your friend.

Can you relate? It’s one of those stories that is filled with drama and trauma.

Anyway, after listening to this story from my friend. I was feeling really down and was like wow, that was some really terrible stuff that happened to you.

It got me to thinking, if this is how I feel about the story my friend is telling me, I wonder how other people are feeling after they hear it.

Even more curious was I about what my friend must be feeling reliving this story of their past over and over again.

There must be something better…

So I asked my friend… What if you stopped telling that version of your story and made a choice to tell something new?

What if inside your story was a gift that you could share with other people that would inspire them, lift them up, and encourage some of them that maybe listening to it that went through the same circumstances that they have hope for the future. They can overcome it.

Every story has two sides.

The story we tell is just the choice that we make.

For today, take a look at one of your stories that you’ve been telling other people about your tragedies that make people feel sorry for you…

and decide to change it and tell a new story of yourself to the world.

Bring out the gift that is inside that tragedy and hard times and tell a new story today.

You’ll be glad you did.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Winning At The Wrong Game


What game are you playing in your life and business?


The journey of life is like a game.

Would you agree?

Think about it for a minute.

Isn’t everything that you do in your life organized in a way that will produce the outcomes that you have been telling yourself that you want over and over in your head?

Looking at your past, you can see the step by step blueprint that got you to where you are right now.

It’s the Play by Play.

And what do most people do with that blueprint?

They burn it into their mind and play it over and over again in their life.


Can you relate?

Have you been playing the instant replay of the game of your life over and over again?

How’s that working out for you?

How is that helping your to get to the desired life you have always dreamed about?

Is it really helping?


Is it just keeping you stuck?

It reminds me of the Movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray.

Check out what he went through day after day…

He live the same day over and over and over again until he makes a choice to do something different and then in an instant it changes.

How would you like your life to change in an instant?

To finish the game you have been playing for years and years and just start a new one today, right now.

To give up on that old game and boldly go where you have never been before.

It all starts with the decision.

You telling yourself that it’s game over, your not going into overtime again today, it’s done!

What are you willing to do to end the game of your life that you have been playing in order to start a new one now?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

You can do it!

You deserve it!

Make it happen now!

Stop winning at the wrong game in your life.

Choose your new game of the best life that you have always dreamed of.

And continue to ask yourself…

Am I playing the right game?

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What You See Is How You Be


Is your environment contributing to your successful life?


Look around, wherever you are.

What do You SEE?

Even more importantly, what do You FEEL?

Is your environment a reflection of your wants, desires and dream life?

Did you know that the more abundant your evironment feels, the more money you will make, and the more joy, fun, and abundance you will attract into your life.

How does that sound?

Would you like some of it for your life?

Your environment is truly a reflection of you.

What you have in the inside always comes out and is reflected by you through you and your environment to the rest of the world.

So, let me ask you again…

When you look around, what do you see and feel?

Are you happy with what it is or does it stir something up inside of you saying that this has to change?

If you don’t like where you are right now in your life, then choose to change it.

It really is that simple. Make the decision that you are not going to take it any longer and then step into the action that it will take to change it.

Most people are not willing to make such a bold declaration to themselves and then take the action needed to make a difference in their life.

They would rather sit in the crap of what they have already created then go through the pain of what could take them out of it and on towards the life they have always dreamed of.

Which will you choose?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to have what you want and desire in your life?

I mean really, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES?

Alright good.

Here are a couple of things that you can do to help you get started on that journey.

First, stop beating yourself up for what you have done or not done in the past. It’s already over. Get over it and stop kicking yourself about it.

Second, grab a piece of paper and a pen and divide the paper into 2 columns. The first call title it, what I am great at. The second column title it, the crap that I need to get rid of in my life. Now don’t go getting totally down on yourself. Make sure that for each crap thing in your life, you have at least 1 great thing. The great things are in there. I know it and so do you. Just go ahead and get them about along with your crap.

Third, sit with your crap and be comfortable with it. Make friends with it. And then tell it to hit the road because you no longer need or want it in your life. Ask this question: What would it take for me to be rid of all of my crap and allow my greatness to shine through in everything that I do? Now take whatever shows up and run with it. Run as fast as you can towards your life of your dreams. It’s been waiting for you to show up. Now is the time for you to have it.

Finally, clean up your environment. Yow deserve to work and be in a place that inspires you. Clean off that paper on your desk. Through away that stuff that you have not looked at in years. Let some natural light into your space. Buy a plant to keep you company. Yes do it!

What you see is how you will Be.

Are you ready to be who you were born to be?

Let’s get started now.

Keep your dreams alive!

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What’s The Secret Story You Tell To Yourself?


When it comes to building a business and life of your dreams, one of the key components that hold the over 95% of people back from being able to achieve it is this secret story that they are telling themselves.

You know what I am talking about?


It’s that story that plays back in your head every time that you hit an obstacle, have something challenging go on, or have something show up that you don’t know how to do about.

You know the story’s …

“I can’t do this.”

“This is too hard.”

“Who am I to do this kind of thing.”

“I should just go back to what I am used to doing.”

Just to name a few.

The name of the game of the leaders and people who are successful in life and business is the overcoming this and writing a new script and story for their life. They focus energy and time on this each and every day until it becomes who they are.

You see, success is about 90% being and 10% doing.

Yes, you heard it right.

It is not about the doing, although taking action is very important, it is about who you become.

So here is a tool you can use to change this in your life.

Once you have your goals and daily activities and to do list ready to get started for the day…

Ask yourself this question:

“Who do I need to BECOME today so that I can have the success and life of my dreams that I see in my head?”

Now sit their still and see what comes up for you.

Maybe it will be nothing. Maybe it will be a feeling of energy.

What ever it is, just by asking the question will move you to a different state of mind for when the chatter of the noise comes back.

Use this to move you through the the times where things are challenging. When that noise comes up, don’t ask “What do I need to do”, ask “Who do I need to BE!”

Life is about the journey more than the destination.

We live life out in the moments we are given.

Become who you were born to be today!

Share your thoughts and experience below of asking the question of who you need to become.

How does it get any better than this?

To your massive success!

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