Are You Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Succeed In Your Business?

So, are you?

What limitations do you place on yourself that holds you back from the success that is waiting for you in your business and life?

There are 3 main things that I have come to know that hold people back.

Do you know what they are?

Well here you go…

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • The Past
  • Let me explain each of these to you.


    Something that keeps so many people stuck in their life. The lack there of it, usually makes people decide what can and can not be for them. So much energy is attached to it and it holds so many great people back. What would it be like if money did not play a role in any decision you made in your life? What would it be like if your relationship with money was fun, joyful, and exciting? What if your lack of money did not play a role in any decision that you made? Well guess what? It doesn’t have to! That’s right. I’ll say it again… It doesn’t have to! A great mentor and friend of mine always says, “Don’t make decisions in your business and life based on the money you don’t have in your pocket right now.” What would it be like for you to live that way? Try it out and see how your business will change.


    Another major thing that holds people back keeping them stuck in their business and live. I have found, in my experience with business, that people mix business with pleasure and make things personal. Now I am not saying to have fun together with the people you work with. Not at all. You have to have fun and enjoy and celebrate your successes along the way. What I am talking about is taking things personal. Once a business relationship becomes personal, it’s game over. Your success with that person is headed for a downward spiral and will not go anywhere good. This may sound a bit over the top, but it is true. I have experienced it in my previous business growing a multi-million dollar technology company. People get emotionally and personally attached to each other and then business decisions that may be hard to make don’t get done. So, don’t make business decisions based on personal relationships. When you start in business with a friend, then set the expectations up front that this is the case. It will save you time later. Trust me!

    The Past

    Something that almost everyone holds on too. In both business and life, the past is the past that got you to where you are, and for most people it is the predictor of the future. Yep, that’s right. Most peoples past predicts their future. You can be a psychic for most of the people in the world predicting their future based on their past. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is hope for your future. It comes in this simple philosophy… “The past is the past and it is already done, what lies ahead for your future is based on what you choose to do right now.” So what will you choose at this very moment to change the prediction of your past from becoming your future?

    In summary, I leave you with these three things…

  • Don’t make decisions based on the money you don’t have right now.
  • Keep personal and business decisions in their own place. Don’t mix them up.
  • Live in the now, shaping your future by what you do today.
  • How will you choose to grow your business?

    Will you do whatever it takes?

    Most won’t.

    The choice is yours.

    Which will you choose?

    Share your comments below.

    To your massive success!

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