Your Mess Is Your Mission


Do You Feel Like You’re A Mess In Your Business And Life?


Most people at one point in their journey on this planet has a sense that everything in their life is a mess.

Can you relate? Those times when things just didn’t go as you planned. You felt totally out of control. Nothing seem to end up the way you wanted, desired, or envisioned it for yourself.

Well you are not alone. Everyone has some type of mess in their life. Whether it is big or small, we all know what it is like to have some kind of mess in our life.

The areas of your life where messes usually show up are…

  1. Relationships
  2. Health
  3. Money

What if the stuff that is messed up in these areas of your life could be just the thing you need to support the mission that you are on during this journey on earth.

Now, I don’t believe that we experience anything in our life that is not there to be used to enable us to move forward on our mission.

There are no coincidences. There are no mistakes. Just things that happen.

And in fact, they are all based on the choices you made anyway!

So here is what you can do with the messes in your life.

After you have gone through them, you know have the opportunity to be able to help others that have not yet experienced it or are going through it to have less of a mess along their journey.

I don’t suggest that you share your mess with a lot of people while you are going through it. Just share it with people who can take it and who you feel can help you along the way.

But when you are on the other side of your mess, now is the time to step up and lead others through their messes that are just like yours.

How awesome can that be?

What kind of contribution can you be to others around you if you share how you overcame and when through your messes?

So if you are struggling in your business right now, and wondering how you could improve the value of what you have available to people to find you and know that you can help them?

You can do it in 3 Simple Steps…

  1. Grab a pen and paper and write down all of the messes that you have gone through in each of the areas above for your business and life.
  2. Pick one of them that you know would be the most value to others to help them out in their business and life.
  3. Package up your messes that you have already gone through.

And once you are done, the put it out there.

Tell the world about what you have so they know what you can offer them.

Your messes are over.

There may be more to come.

It’s your time now to get your past messes package and out there for the world to see.

What are you waiting for?

Someone is out there waiting for you.

It’s your time to show up now.

Just Frickin’ Getter DONE!

Keep your dreams alive!

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Who You Be Is What You Do


Does It Always Seem Like You Are Struggling To Get What You Want?


Are you working so hard at achieving your dreams and desires, but they just don’t seem to show up?

You’re not alone. Most people struggle with this exact same thing.

It keeps you stuck in the crap of where you currently are in your life.

How much fun is that?

Well here’s the thing…

There are two sides to your life.

There are the IN-Side and the OUT-Side.

As you were growing up, you were told and taught to focus on the OUT-Side of your life.

You were told to do this… don’t do that… you can’t do that… stop doing that…

It was a life of…. dodo!

Can you relate?

How has that worked out for you thus far on your journey?

Now don’t get me wrong… Life is about taking action and getting things done, but if that is the only thing you are focused on, then you might end up doing things that just never needed to be done in the first place.

Let’s look at the IN-Side.

If you grew up in any type of spiritual community or with parents that played those self-help tapes and went to seminars… then you had some exposure to the IN-Side of who you BE.

It is through this Knowing of who you BE and having it as the guiding principles of your life, that keeps you on track, and in focus of all your dreams and desires you have ever had and envisioned for your life. It is the driver behind your Dream Life, your Business Vision, and what you are truly put on this planet to accomplish.

How awesome is that?

Your very own internal compass that helps you make the best choices for you based on who you BE.

So if we don’t have this IN-Side.. OUT-Side connection happening a few things happen.

  1. If we are all OUT-Side living, we keep doing the do and creating the dodo in our life that spirals out of control and keeps us stuck in a place that we don’t even realize that we are in. We are not even sure if we are doing what we really need to do, and can easily be distracted by others to do what they want us to do instead of supporting ourselves. In this state you have no idea what you really desire and dream of for your life, but even if you did, you probably don’t believe that it is possible for you.
  2. If you are all IN-Side living, you keep in a state of fantasy rather than reality. You constantly see in your mind and soul what is possible for your life, but you never make any choices and take any action to make your dreams and desires into reality. You are stuck in a place of unconsciousness living that holds you back from what is possible for you in your life.
  3. Is the Ying & Yang balance between IN and OUT – Side living. It is both BEING and DOING. This is the optimal place of living our your life fully and having everything you have always wanted, dreamed of and desired.

So here’s how things really work so you can stop the struggle and have success…

You need to shift from DODO or a BEBE to a BEDOBEDOBEDO… Yes that’s right.

Here’s how it works:

First you BE, then you CHOOSE, then you DO!

Then you repeat the cycle.

Who you BE is what you DO

It’s really that simple…. but if you have been stuck in one of the other states for a while now, breaking the habit and choosing this for your life may take some time, discipline and effort.

But know this… on the other side of all that, lies the life of your dreams. It is so worth it.

Go out and try it today.

See how you truly be and what you can choose to do and make it happen.

You’ll be glad you did.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Failure Is The Only Option


Could Failure NOT Being An Option Be Keeping You From Your Business Success??

No Failure Zone

Most people spend their life in Fear Of Failing!

Can you relate?

Do you know some of these people?

Have you worked in this way before?

I know that I have, and let me tell you…

It didn’t really get me any where except going around in circles being stuck with where I was.

How does it get any better than that?

You see, most of us are brought up to do what we are told, follow the rules, don’t do anything wrong and FAILURE IS NOT A OPTION!

Really, how the heck can we go through life and live out our dreams if that is the way we have to be.

When you look around and study the great leader, inventors, and creators of this time and the past, you will find that they all did the opposite of what they were told, what people said they should do, and the failed a lot!

In fact, I have come to believe that on the path to success and the life of your dreams…

Failure is the ONLY OPTION!

How has failure played a role in your life and business?

Are you afraid of it?

Does it worry you?

Does it keep you up at night?

Well let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to feel like failure is something that you did wrong.

One of the greatest inventors in history, Thomas Edison, was asked a question about failure at one point in his career.

They asked him about the 10,000+ times that he failed in his journey to invent the light bulb.

To which he replied, I just learned 10,000 ways how not to create one.

It is all a matter of perspective when it comes to failure.

And also the choice that you make when you stuff shows up around things that don’t go just as planned.

On the journey towards the life of your dreams, you will come across many times where things don’t work out the way you wanted and there will be people there to let you know that that is the reason why you should stop continuing to pursue your vision of the future.

When those things come up, I suggest the following:

1. Take a deep breath and remind yourself of what your vision and dream life is. Feel what it will be like once you are there, and let that feeling be the driving force behind you continuing to move forward.

2. Make the choice to keep moving forward. Remember your decision that you made to start on this journey in the first place. Let that fuel you to continue on the journey.

3. Ask powerful questions like, What’s right about this situation that I am not seeing here? Or What else is possible?

4. Take massive action to move you forward and push past the so called failure that is right in front of you.

Failure is only what you choose for it to be. If it wasn’t they everyone would see the same failures as everyone else.

So the next time something doesn’t go exactly as planned and people around you are dragging your down, or maybe even that voice in your head starts barking at you… Remember your dreams and vision and choose to continue on the journey.

You’ll be glad that you did.

To your massive success!

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