Business Strategy Tip #438 – Who’s on your bus?

When you start a business you need to be driving the bus.

What I mean by this is that you must have a clear direction of where you are going and where you are going to be taking the people that are on your bus.

This is your vision, direction, purpose, and why for what you are doing.

People need to know where they are going to be going when they step onto your bus.

But it is also important that you have the *right* people on the bus.

If you ever took the bus to school when you were a kid, you can probably relate to this.

Some kids were very distracting and disruptive to the driver and could easily get him to run off the road in the wrong direction.

People that are distracting you from your driving and taking you off course from your vision need to “Get Off The Bus”!

Do you have some of those people that are in your business?

Well if you do, it’s time to let them go and get them off your bus.

I know that this may not be easy.

Some of those people maybe friends or family.

But you need to remind yourself that you are running a business.

Take all of the personal relationship and emotions out of the decision and do what is best for you, your vision, and the other people on the bus.

They not only distract you, but they distract everyone else that has jumped on your bus from keeping in line with where you are taking them.

How many people do you need to get off your bus today?

Take the necessary action to remove them.

Your business will thank you!

Jim Collins speaks about this topic extensively in his book Good To Great!

To learn more about driving your bus, grab your copy here…

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