Do you know how TheMarketingHeaven handle rejection in your network marketing business?

Rejection is just part of the territory when it comes to growing your home business, or any other business for that matter. It is even considered the path you need to take to get to the top and have success.

One of my life philosophies is… “Failure is the only option on the journey to success, Defeat is not!”

How do you deal with rejection in your business?

Let’s take a look at the top 3 areas where rejection can show up as you build your business:

1. Friends and Family

This is the first place that rejection usually shows up for people when they get started in their business. Most new business owners are so excited about what they are involved in, that they want to tell everyone and even try to convince them to see what they see. Usually it is the people closest to you, friends and family, who do not see what you see when you get started. They are skeptical and want to make sure you are safe. What this comes out as is rejection.

If you have experienced this with a new network marketing company in your network marketing career, don’t worry you’re not alone and it’s not your fault. In most cases, it comes down to lack of training before you approach this important market in your business which is your warm market.

There is another way. Consider getting all of the people in your warm market as Allies for your business. Talk to them about what you are doing, just like you got a new job, give them some information, put them on your newsletter list, and ask them if they come across anyone who is looking for what you do to refer them to you. This is the best way to avoid rejection and turn potential adversaries into allies.

2. Building Too Slowly
Most people start strong in their network marketing business, but without seeing immediate results, they get discouraged. Their prospecting slows down and as a result, these new networkers focusing on those who rejected the opportunity rather than on those who accepted and invitation to look at their business. Prospecting small numbers makes rejection seem bigger than it really is.

When you get outside your warm market, network marketing is a numbers game. Your main role as a business builder is to get more information in front of more people. Inviting people to take a look at what you have requires you find people who are interested in what you have to offer.

So if your numbers are low of people to present to, time to get trained on marketing. Understanding your customer and where they hang out and what goes on in your head will allow you to create a message to market match. Once you get to this point, it is almost like magic for people seeing what you have to joining you in business. In the online world, this is know as Attraction Marketing.

3. Taking Rejection Personally
This is the biggest one for most people. Don’t take rejection personally, but merely as an indication that the timing isn’t right in those people’s lives. Remember that your only job is to invite people to take a look at what you have to offer. If you are finding this to be an issue that is stopping you from moving forward in building your business, then here is a tip that could help you out. One that I learned a while ago, and continue to use today. Don’t get attached to the results. Just focus on delivering the information and inviting people to take a look at your business without the need to have a specific result of them joining you.

So there you have it.

The top 3 areas where rejection creeps into your business and can stop your growth.

How have you experienced rejection while building your business?

What have you done to overcome them and use them as a force for good in building your business?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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