Are you looking for a super simple way to start generating leads today?

Well, there are actually many ways of doing this.

And it doesn’t involve learning some new technical ninja move for driving traffic using SEO black hat techniques to your nerve center.

It’s something that anyone can do.

Even your kids could get involved with this.

It’s called ‘drop card’ marketing.

This is a technique that is usually done by all new marketers, especially those who are working with a limited budget.

You take these cards to public places where your prospects hang out and leave them around for them to find them.

They could be home made flyer’s, hand written posted notes, or ‘dollar cards’.

The money cards attract the most people, because they look like real money.

I recommend the 100 dollar bill version of the cards

Here’s how it works…

You drop the money in places where your prospects will find them,

They pick them up and read your business info.

If they are interested, they will take action and if they are not interested they will just drop it again for the next person to pick up.

How does it get any better than that?

So, if you are just starting out and working on a budget, consider this super simple method of lead generation.

Grab yourself some Money Drop Cards Here…

Order Your Drop Cards Here!

What’s been your experience with this super simple marketing method?

What other methods do you use in your business?

Share your comments below.

To you massive success!

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