Your Philosophies


What Philosophies Run Your Life?


We all have governing philosophies that run our life.

Whether we know what they are or not they are they and define the choices we make and the life we live.

Want to truly change your life? Change your life philosophies.

If things just aren’t working out the way that you expect them to or even want them to, then you may just be stuck with a bunch of life philosophies that are holding you back.

So what is a life philosphy anyway?

They are those things that have been programmed into you that create your beliefs and views of the world.

It defines your perspecitive and interesting point of view you have of the world around you.


If you take some time to sit with yourself and dig deep inside, you will find what they are for you.

And the guess what you can do with them?

If you are an active reader of my blog posts then you probably know already what I am going to say…

You get to choose what you do with them.

You can give them up and say thanks for your work and support so far in my life… but it’s time to move on and you no longer server me in my dreams and desires.

They you can go out and get some new ones.

Image that.

Just Simple.

Choose and take action.

How does it get any better than that?

Take a few moments today with yourself and discover your life philosophies.

Then choose how they are working for you ( or not ).

And make some new ones.

Here are a couple of mine:

  1. What you give away you always get to keep
  2. You can’t complain about that which you allow
  3. On the path to success failure is the only option… Defeat is not

Share some of your life philosophies in the comments below.

I look forward to reading them.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Lean Into Your Future


When Faced With Obstacles And Challenges… What Do You Do?


Do you back away? …

Curl up into a ball?…

Hide under your desk?…


Do you lean into it!

All people who have achieved great success in their lives have done so by standing up to their fears, kicking the to the side, and taking massive action in line with their dreams and desires.

When fear shows up in your life… What do you choose?

Be courageous, make a choice, choose for your future self and all your dreams and desires will come true.

Push through your fears by leaning into your future now.

I know there are times when things feel so tough that you just don’t want to go on. I’ve been that, done that, and wrote the books about it along with the made for TV movies.

I get it. I know what it means to be straggled by fear in your business and life.

But let me share with you one thing…

When you finally decide to face what you fear and put it aside… it is so much easier and yes, the grass is greener and smells way better on the other side.

What the heck is this thing called fear anyway?

It is a thought that comes from an experience you have had in your life that triggers a feeling that give rise to an emotion that makes you feel afraid.

Right, it’s that stuff that makes you feel bad when you play it over and over again in your head. It’s the same old same old stories that you tell yourself. Check out this post if you want to discover how you can start telling a different story in your life.

Fear always starts within your mind based on how you understand a specific situation.

So if that is the case, then in order to get rid of our fears, we can just choose to think a different way about things and situations in our lives.

How awesome is that?

Yep, it’s that simple.

And when we are pushing back against something, we don’t need to ram our head into it full force.

We can just lean into it.

Take it with ease and joy as you move towards your dreams and desires for your life and business.

Go ahead…

Make a choice.

Move forward taking massive action!

and Lean into your future TODAY!

Kick fear to the side.

Start living for you today!

You’ll be glad you did.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Unlearn Your Way To Success


What If Everything You Know Is What Has Been Holding You Back From The Success You Deserve?


What do you think keeps you stuck where you are on your life journey?

Is it the stuff that you don’t yet know?

The things that you haven’t learned yet?

So many people get stuck on the things that they don’t know how to do and allow that to keep them from doing the things that they already know how to do.

A mentor of mine would always remind me…

“If you would only do what you already know what to do, things would be better.”

In fact, if there are things that you don’t know that you don’t know how to do, how can you do them anyway since you don’t know.

This is true about stuff that we are not skilled at and it holds people back big time in both their business and their life.

It has certainly happened to me from time to time on this glorious journey.

Has it happened to you?

Well what if you are doing all the things that you know how to do and things are just not going the way that you expect them to?

What if you are not getting the results that you desire to have in your business and life?

What if there is another side to this thing about learning and doing.

There always is another side. Everything has at least 2 sides to it.

You can’t have one without the other.

So with that said…

What if the things that are keeping you stuck are not about learning something that you don’t know how to do at all?

What if it what is holding you back is what you already know and all you have to do is unlearn it and you will instantly breakthrough?

Now I know what you must be thinking… This is obvious. We have to get rid of old habits that no longer serve us.

I get it. But most people are focused on the next thing that will take them somewhere rather than looking at where they have been that has got them to the point they are at right now.

Here are 3 things that most people need to unlearn in order to unlock their success:

  1. Addiction to the Outcome…

    Most people are so stuck on the outcome that they desire to have that it totally blocks their awareness of possibilities that exist for them to achieve all that they desire in their life. This focus on outcomes is based on the goal setting paradigm that has flooded the business and personal growth space. What if instead of focusing on the outcomes that you allow yourself to keep your vision in tack, through away your goals, and create some targets that you can shoot at and if you miss, you simply choose new ones or shoot at it again. Drop your need to achieve the outcome in the way that you envision it to be and watch how you can move forward with more ease.

  2. Knowing all the Steps…

    All people who are stuck in their lives are focused on knowing every detail of what it is going to take to make it happen. The step by step plan that will get them there. What if this was holding them back? What if it was keeping you from even getting started in the first place. When you can see all of the steps in your mind of what it will take to get to a certain outcome, sometimes it tricks your mind into believing that it has already happened and you end up doing nothing, where in reality nothing has even been started. Through away your desire to know all the steps and just take the first one and the rest of the path will appear. You can choose at each step along the way which one to take.

  3. Success of Others…

    Seeing others having success at the same thing that we have in mind to do and be holds a lot of people back. In business it is all about the competition. I talked about what the real competition should be in your business in this post here. Rather than having it make you stuck, use the success of others to help you move forward by knowing it can be done. Don’t let others success and competition hold you back.

On the journey towards the life of your dreams and desires, there are both learning and unlearning that will lead to your success.

What will you choose to unlearn in your life today?

Take action to breakthrough now.

You’ll be glad you did.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Your Own Worst Critic


Do You Know Who Your Own Worst Critic Is?


Can you guess who that may be?

It’s a person that you look at every day in the mirror.

Yep, you guessed it.

It’s YOU!

You are your own worst critic.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be hard on yourself and tell yourself that you aren’t doing a good enough job in your business or that you should be further along that you are towards your dreams, goals, and desires?

How is that working for you?

Is it making your life full of ease, joy, and abundance?


Do you feel that it is holding you back from everything you have ever dreamed of?

For most people, this crap in their mind that they critisize themselves about totally holds them back from achieving everything they want in their business and in life.

It causes procrastination, stagnation, and lack of taking the required action on the things that they know will lead them to the success they deserve!

This kind of crap talk that you say to yourself does absolutely nothing towards achieving what you desire for your business.

But guess what?

No matter what you do in your business and life, from time to time this kind of thoughts are going to come up.

It is a matter of what you do with them rather than what they are that determines the next path on your journey to your success in your business.

You see, most people try to eliminate these thoughts completely from their life, but that usually just leads to more and more frustration and dissatisfaction that ends up having even more of your own worst critic come through your mind.

But, with each thought that you think, you have a choice to either believe it to be true for you or not.

As you move through the journey of your business towards your vision you have for yourself, these thoughts will come up.

And when they do…

STOP for a moment and ask yourself…

Is this truth for me?

If not… let it go!

and if it is truth in your business, then choose according what the next best action is to take and then go and do it.

You are in control of everything that happens in your life. It’s all a choice.

The next time you become your own worst critic, what will you choose?

Focus on the truth and it will set you free.

Be in allowance of where you are at this moment, and then choose for your future.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Who You Be Is What You Do


Does It Always Seem Like You Are Struggling To Get What You Want?


Are you working so hard at achieving your dreams and desires, but they just don’t seem to show up?

You’re not alone. Most people struggle with this exact same thing.

It keeps you stuck in the crap of where you currently are in your life.

How much fun is that?

Well here’s the thing…

There are two sides to your life.

There are the IN-Side and the OUT-Side.

As you were growing up, you were told and taught to focus on the OUT-Side of your life.

You were told to do this… don’t do that… you can’t do that… stop doing that…

It was a life of…. dodo!

Can you relate?

How has that worked out for you thus far on your journey?

Now don’t get me wrong… Life is about taking action and getting things done, but if that is the only thing you are focused on, then you might end up doing things that just never needed to be done in the first place.

Let’s look at the IN-Side.

If you grew up in any type of spiritual community or with parents that played those self-help tapes and went to seminars… then you had some exposure to the IN-Side of who you BE.

It is through this Knowing of who you BE and having it as the guiding principles of your life, that keeps you on track, and in focus of all your dreams and desires you have ever had and envisioned for your life. It is the driver behind your Dream Life, your Business Vision, and what you are truly put on this planet to accomplish.

How awesome is that?

Your very own internal compass that helps you make the best choices for you based on who you BE.

So if we don’t have this IN-Side.. OUT-Side connection happening a few things happen.

  1. If we are all OUT-Side living, we keep doing the do and creating the dodo in our life that spirals out of control and keeps us stuck in a place that we don’t even realize that we are in. We are not even sure if we are doing what we really need to do, and can easily be distracted by others to do what they want us to do instead of supporting ourselves. In this state you have no idea what you really desire and dream of for your life, but even if you did, you probably don’t believe that it is possible for you.
  2. If you are all IN-Side living, you keep in a state of fantasy rather than reality. You constantly see in your mind and soul what is possible for your life, but you never make any choices and take any action to make your dreams and desires into reality. You are stuck in a place of unconsciousness living that holds you back from what is possible for you in your life.
  3. Is the Ying & Yang balance between IN and OUT – Side living. It is both BEING and DOING. This is the optimal place of living our your life fully and having everything you have always wanted, dreamed of and desired.

So here’s how things really work so you can stop the struggle and have success…

You need to shift from DODO or a BEBE to a BEDOBEDOBEDO… Yes that’s right.

Here’s how it works:

First you BE, then you CHOOSE, then you DO!

Then you repeat the cycle.

Who you BE is what you DO

It’s really that simple…. but if you have been stuck in one of the other states for a while now, breaking the habit and choosing this for your life may take some time, discipline and effort.

But know this… on the other side of all that, lies the life of your dreams. It is so worth it.

Go out and try it today.

See how you truly be and what you can choose to do and make it happen.

You’ll be glad you did.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Get Real


Are you ready to wake up and get real with yourself?


One of the reasons that people don’t achieve the life of their dreams is they are not being honest with themselves.

Not being honest with about where they are in their life and the choices that they made that got them there.

Can you relate?

I spoke a bit about this topic in a recent post 100% Responsibility.

You see… Most people would rather Complain, Blame, or Feel Really Awful instead of looking inside of themselves and seeing how they are creating the reality of their life.

If you know of people in your life that have do this, I am sure you can relate.

But, In order to transform your current state into one of Fulfillment, Abundance, Joy, and Happiness… your first step is to Get Real with yourself and be totally and Completely Honest about Who you are and Where you are at in this moment in your journey of life.

And let’s face it, we can all use a good dose of Get REAL in our lives from time to time.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is this really what I want for my life?
  2. Is what I am doing, how I am living and being, truly serving me in my life?

Go ahead and ask them to yourself. Don’t worry about the answers… just open yourself up enough to really take a look at what is the truth of your reality in your life RIGHT NOW!

If you don’t take this step and get real with who you are right now, you will continue to make the choices and be stuck in your life as it is forever. Stuck in the spiral and matrix of your life without any hope of getting out.

So start to be honest and get real now so that you can jump forward into the life you have always dreamed of and desired.

You deserve it.

Are you ready?

Take the leap and build up your wings on the way down.

It’s go time!

Your time to show up BIG in the world and live your dreams.

Start NOW!

Keep your dreams alive!

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