The Power Of Belief


Do you believe that you can have anything that you desire in your life?

power of belief

You can have it all!

Anything that you truly want and desire in your life can be yours!

If that is the case, then why do so many people struggle just to get by and never actually achieve their hearts true desires?

What holds them back?

How can they break the cycle and move forward towards the life of their dreams?

Find out here…

Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Keep your dreams alive!

100% Responsibility


Are You Willing To Show Up As The Best Version Of Yourself Today?


Of course you are… RIGHT?

Most people in the world have the intention of showing up BIG in everything that they do, but that doesn’t always happen as they progress through the activities of their day.

You see… the moment you believe that someone else is responsible for your results, is the moment that you completely give up your personal power and your ability to show up BIG in the world.

It is so easy for most people to want to blame, judge, or criticize other people for what is happening in their life. And if their life is not going as they planed, hoped, or dreamed… then the blaming goes to a whole other level.

Have you notice this happening in your life?

What have you done to work through and overcome this type of thinking?

The best thing that you can do for yourself when this kind of thinking shows up is to STOP… right where you are for a second, and recognize that this is what is happening.

Awareness is the first step in being able to change something in your life. In fact, how can anyone change something that they are not aware of in the first place?

Let me tell you a secret that all successful people know and do…

1. They alone are 100% responsible for their life.
2. They take 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING that shows up in their life.

How powerful is that?

Now I know what you are probably thinking…

Can someone really take 100% responsibility for their life all the time?

Well, it’s not easy… but what is easy is for us to blame other for the stuff that shows up and that’s what’s keeps up held back from the life we desire and dream of.

So isn’t it worth it to step up and take the road less traveled even if it maybe a bit hard to do?

YES! And you will be glad every time you do.

It can be easy to get stuck in the “Blame Loop”. That cycle that keeps you going around and around in circles living the same life you have always lived.

Being stuck in that loop will suck so much energy out of you that you will not have any left to show up BIG in the world.

But the worst thing about being in this state of not taking 100% Responsibility for your life is…. you will start to not TRUST People.

When that happens, people will also start to not trust you either.

You definitely don’t want any of that for your life… RIGHT?

So how do you break out of this “Blame Loop” and get back on track with the life and business you have always dreamed of?

Well, you can’t change what other people do to you, you can only choose to change how your react to these situations.

As you practice taking responsibility for yourself, you get to the point where you are grateful for everything that shows up in your life as it will allow you to always show up BIG and continue to Grow each and every day.

Taking responsibility for your life give you the power and energy you need to act quickly, make decisions, and take action towards your desires and dreams.

Giving it up to others takes your power and energy away.

What will you choose?

Decide now to show up BIG in everything you do in your life and take 100% Responsibility for all of it!

Watch how all your dreams and desires you have every had for your life and business will start to show up in ways you never could have imagined before.

Go Ahead.

Start NOW!

Keep your dreams alive!

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Delusion by Comparison


Are you feeling like you are not having the success that you deserve in your life and business?


Do you look around and see other people succeeding where you are not?

Does that makes you feel like crap?

Does it make you question whether you can ever have success in what you really want to do in your life?

I have met so many people to get stuck in the Delusion by Comparison trap that keeps them stuck in their business and life.

They are constantly in a state of looking around at what other people are doing and allowing what they see to make them feel lousy about what they are, or are not, doing.

From their point of view, these people are doing much better, are further ahead, and these people have come to believe that there is no way they could catch up.

With the information available on the Internet and right in your face while you browse Facebook, these beliefs and comparisons are killing people’s hopes for their dream life before they even can get started.

Can you relate?

At one time or another, everyone has probably been in that state. Unless, you have lived in silence as a monk on top of a mountain with no interaction with people or connection to the Internet for the past 40 years of your life…. But not many of us are doing that.buddhist-monk-on-mountain

So for the rest of us who have not turned to the monk-hood, let’s look at what is going on for a person in this state.

The first thing to consider it that the things that these people are thinking about themselves when they compare to others, are just that… Thoughts!

And the best thing about Thoughts are, they are not real. They are just things that we are thinking in our head.

It is only when you choose to Believe in the thoughts in your head as True, that these thoughts actually become true for you.

Believe it or not… your thoughts can be changed through what you choose to believe.

So the next time you get into the Delusion by Comparison of your life to another persons, stop and think for a minute. Ask yourself this question:

“Is this thought that I am thinking true for me?”

I’ll let you in on a little secret… 99% of those kinds of thoughts are totally false and have not place in your mind let alone in your believes.

Challenge your thoughts when you get into this state on your journey towards your dream life.

Separate your thoughts from your truth.

Align your focus and actions along the path of beliefs that will take you there.

Stop beating yourself up with judgement’s that you have based on what others around you are doing. Just STOP IT NOW!

You are progressing at the pace that is right for you and your current beliefs.

Want to change that pace, change your beliefs.

Show up BIG EVERY DAY and continue on your journey.

You will be triggered emotionally from time to time as you observe what others are doing around you. Take it in, let it out, and continue on your path.

As one of my mentors taught me …

There is no right way, There is no wrong way, There is only your way!

Be You and make the change in the world that you were born to give.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Choosing Possibilities for Success


What are you choosing for yourself today?


For most people, when things show up in their life that could help them achieve their dreams and desires, they don’t always see them for what they really are.

What I’m speaking about here is the difference between Possibility and Loss OR Opportunity and Cost.

For most people in the world, when a possibility shows up in their life to move them forward, they quickly go to asking the questions:

“What will I have to give up to have this?”


“What will this cost me?”

But if you truly what to have the success that you have always dreamed of in your life, you might want to re-consider the perspective in which you are looking at the possibilities that are showing up in your life.

You see, all Super Successful People see the greatness in the possibilities of things that show up right in front of them rather then the challenges and cost of the things around them. And they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen in their lives. To allow for the greatness of what they see to go from their mind into reality.

On the other hand, those who choose not to see this in the things that show up in their lives, are really struggling with giving up and loosing what they already have, and what makes them feel good at this moment in time. (Even though the things that the perceive are making them feel good are the things that are killing them and holding them back stuck in what they already have in life).

So rather than sit in the crap of what you are already experiencing, the next time something shows up that you know inside of you will help you get to the next step on your journey, ask this questions of yourself:

“What will I gain from this?”

“How will this make my life better?”

“What contribution can this be to my life?”

Doesn’t that just feel better when you ask those questions to yourself rather then the others we mentioned earlier?

Of course they do. They invite a positive possibility energy into your that makes you feel good!

And who doesn’t want to feel good… RIGHT? 🙂

So the next time you see a possibility for transformation in your life showing up right in front of you, look for what it will add into your life and how it will help you move towards your dreams and desires. Then use this as the fuel to move yourself into action and do whatever it takes to have it all in your life.

Choose the Possibilities for Success in your life today!

You deserve it!

Keep your dreams alive!

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The Fallacy Of Patience


Is Patience Interrupting your Success?


How many times have you heard someone tell you…

“Just be patient.”

“Good things come to those who wait.”

What if those statements were just lies that feed into your ego designed to keep you stuck right where you are in your business and life?

Most people sit around waiting for life to happen to them and they tell themselves that its ok to do this because they are just being patient.

Why do people do this?

Don’t they realize that this could be the death of their business and what is keeping them stuck right where they are at.

Patience can hold you back from achieving your dreams and desires.

Now don’t get me wrong here… there are times when you certainly need to be patient, but that is not the point here.

The fact is that the universe doesn’t work that way. When you ask for something and truly believe it for yourself it is given to you instantly. The only thing that may take time is the time it takes for the universe to align itself to make it appear in your life.

“Ask and it will be given to you.”

“Everything you have ever desired is already inside you.”

I know, you think that it is things shouldn’t be that simple.

Well why does it need to be complicated?

If it’s so simple, why don’t very many people live in the joy and abundance of who they truly be in their business and life?

Here’s the secret tip that most people miss out on that is hidden within the space of time it takes to realize your every dream.

That is Desire, Belief, and Conviction.

Desire… is what you need to keep yourself motivated. To make things manefest faster in your life, increase your desire. Napolean Hill says that you need to have a Burning Desire in order to achieve all that you were born to be.

Belief… is what you need to keep yourself on track. There are many roads that can take you to where you want to go. Your belief will allow you to know if the road you are travelling is the one that will take you there. When the possibility of choosing a particular path or lane in your journey comes up, use your belief to measure whether to move down it or not.

Conviction… is that you will do what ever it takes to make your dreams, desires, and vision for your business and life come to be. I mean Do WHATEVER IT TAKES! Nothing will stop you from achieving what you have in your head to bring it into reality. Success is virtually guaranteed!

Desire, Belief, and Conviction…

The secret to overcoming your patience that is keeping you stuck in a rut and not moving forward towards your dreams.

So the next time some tells you to be patient, ask yourself…

“Is patience going to interrupt my success?”

Then choose the path, take action and move forward.

Your dreams are waiting for you.

Which will you choose?

Keep your dreams alive!

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Pick A Lane


Which Lane Do You Pick?


One of the biggest problems that I see in most people on their journey with their business or life is them being so worried about the competition and what other people are doing.

Most people waste hours, days, weeks, months, and even years on not taking action because of fear of what other people are or are not doing.

I like to compare this to horses that are racing at the track.

When they are getting ready to race and go out to the starting line, their trainer and rider put the blinders on.

If they didn’t, they would be so distracted by the other people around them that they would not be able to stay in their own lane.

The blinders allow them to keep their head down and focus on the lane they are in, what is in front of them, and where they are going to.

So many people in business and life are distracted by the shiny objects of something better or the grass is greener syndrome.

Can you relate?

Do you know people who have lived their life this way?

Maybe you have experienced this in your past or are even experiencing it now.

Either way, there is a solution to this problem.

3 Steps to Pick a lane for your business and life:

  1. Decide what you truly desire to have for your business and live.
  2. Visualize the experience of already having everything you have desired. Feel that feeling.
  3. Get in your lane, put the blinders on, have your vision of the future in front of you, and just start moving forward.

It’s that simple.

From time to time you may get off track, but don’t worry, just re-focus yourself back into your lane and move ahead to the next step on your journey.

All great things that have been created in the reality of this world have come from people who pick a lane and go for it.

What lane are you running in today?

Is there more than one?

What would it take for you to pick just one and run with it for the next 30 days?

How would your life and business transform into something that you have always dreamed of?

The choice is yours.

Pick a lane and get started today.

Keep your dreams alive!

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How To Decide


Do You Let Decisions In Your Life Stop You From Taking Action?


Most people let the decisions about whether to do something or not do it consume them and stop them from taking action.

Can you relate?

What they really need to do is as soon as something that requires a decision shows up. take action!

Everyone has had great ideas at one time in their lives and if you are reading this post, they you most likely have had many.

You know the kind I am talking about, big visions for your family, your future, your legacy. Your dreams and desires for something greater than your current situation and circumstances.

The kind of things that can drive you forward to take action and do whatever it takes to make it happen!

So they why instead of doing something with the ideas that show up in peoples lives, do most people do nothing at all?

Even worse, they let this lack of decision making totally consume them and lead them to a life filled with regret!

Maybe they have had experience where they have taken action and nothing changed in their life.

That can be the case as all actions are not always the right actions.

They way to get what you want in your life is to choose the actions that support your dreams, desires, goals, and intentions.

The Simple Formula For Living The Life Of Your Dreams!

Here is is:

  1. Have Faith
  2. Trust In Your Knowing
  3. Get Comfortable with Un-Comfortable
  4. Stretch Yourself Beyond Your Comfortzone
  5. Don’t Be Attached To The Outcome

With this simple 5 step formula, why is it so hard for most people to get out of their own way and do the things that they know will move them towards the life of their dreams?

A mentor of mine used to always say…

“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.”

It is the perfectionist attitude that we must know exactly what to do before we do it that keeps most people from moving forward towards their dream life.

What if you gave that all up?

Even just for 1 day?

How would your life and business transform?

Is it worth taking a chance on it?

How to decide is a choice to take action on that which you know you need to do.

What will do today to take action on something that you know will move you closer to your dreams and desires in your life and business?

Just Frikin’ Getter Done!

You deserve it.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Where Do You Put Your Trust?



Trust, where do you put yours?

It’s so easy in life to put all of your focus on everything and everyone else.

But is that going to create wealth, riches for yourself?

Will it generate the abundance you desire in your life?

Well let me tell you this…

There is nothing around you that will make it happen for you!

The truth is, that it’s and inside job!

Yep, that’s the secret to having everything you want in your life.

All of your desires, and the life of your dreams.

So if you are struggling with the internal drive to make it happen, there maybe this one thing that is holding you back.

That thing is Trust!

Trusting and believing that you deserve the wealth, riches, and abundance that is right in front of you waiting for you to choose it, is what hold most people back.

Sound familiar?

Then what stops so many people from just walking into it and starting to live your dream life today?

A mentor of mine used to say… “Act as if and go as though”

What does this mean?

Act, behave, and think that you deserve what you desire in your life and be willing to make the decisions and choices that show that you deserve it.

When you do this, the people who are looking for you will show up.

It’s all about the person you become.

Who do you want to become in your life today?

What does the life of your dreams look like?

Are you ready to Trust in yourself, believe in your dreams, and step into the wealth and abundance that is right in front of you?

Make the decision to do so, choose today, and step into the life of your dreams.

Share your comments below…

Keep your dreams alive!

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