What are you choosing for yourself today?


For most people, when things show up in their life that could help them achieve their dreams and desires, they don’t always see them for what they really are.

What I’m speaking about here is the difference between Possibility and Loss OR Opportunity and Cost.

For most people in the world, when a possibility shows up in their life to move them forward, they quickly go to asking the questions:

“What will I have to give up to have this?”


“What will this cost me?”

But if you truly what to have the success that you have always dreamed of in your life, you might want to re-consider the perspective in which you are looking at the possibilities that are showing up in your life.

You see, all Super Successful People see the greatness in the possibilities of things that show up right in front of them rather then the challenges and cost of the things around them. And they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen in their lives. To allow for the greatness of what they see to go from their mind into reality.

On the other hand, those who choose not to see this in the things that show up in their lives, are really struggling with giving up and loosing what they already have, and what makes them feel good at this moment in time. (Even though the things that the perceive are making them feel good are the things that are killing them and holding them back stuck in what they already have in life).

So rather than sit in the crap of what you are already experiencing, the next time something shows up that you know inside of you will help you get to the next step on your journey, ask this questions of yourself:

“What will I gain from this?”

“How will this make my life better?”

“What contribution can this be to my life?”

Doesn’t that just feel better when you ask those questions to yourself rather then the others we mentioned earlier?

Of course they do. They invite a positive possibility energy into your that makes you feel good!

And who doesn’t want to feel good… RIGHT? 🙂

So the next time you see a possibility for transformation in your life showing up right in front of you, look for what it will add into your life and how it will help you move towards your dreams and desires. Then use this as the fuel to move yourself into action and do whatever it takes to have it all in your life.

Choose the Possibilities for Success in your life today!

You deserve it!

Keep your dreams alive!

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