The Power Of Feedback


Do you know what it takes to get crystal clear on exactly what you need to do to make more money and have a bigger impact on your life and the world?


It may be simpler than you think.

But it’s something that more people completely overlook.

The more people Showing Up BIG in the world each and every day, the better the world will be.

Do you agree?

There is a huge misconception that most people have about what it took for successful people to get there.

They think that success comes to them instantly. Like an overnight success. They don’t realize what it really took for them to get there.

In my journey of building a business from a dream and vision I had for the future, we became a 6 year over night success when we landed our first major customer…

When we had finally arrived. But looking back, there were a lot of things we tried and failed at along the way to get there. We just did what ever it took to make it happen.

What I learned from this was…

“On the path to Success, Failure is the only option that will get you there!”

But here most people live in the delusion that successful people have never failed and just have been doing everything right all the time.

Well it’s time to Burst That Bubble. The only thing that is different between successful people and the people who just struggle through life is:

“The people who are successful do what the people who are not successful are not willing to do!”

Yep, it’s as simple as that.

When two people are presented with the exact same opportunity and possibility for themselves, that one will take off and have huge success and the other will just stay stuck in the same place.

Which would you rather choose?

The other thing that successful people do on your path to success is that they ask people for their feedback on what they are doing, creating, and being.

There is one thing that so many people who I have come to know… is that the Fear of Getting Negative Feedback Holds Them Back.

They end up just not even asking. But if you just asked for some feedback on what you are doing it would help you out to move forward faster towards your dreams and keeping you stuck.

So decide today to get out of your own way and choose to do what most others are not willing to do.

Choose to ask for feedback and receive it in a way that can support your dreams and desires for the future in your life.

Change your focus from what you fear to what is possible!

Are you ready to step up and Live BIG in Your Life?

Do it NOW!

Start Today!

Keep your dreams alive!

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Inspired Clarity Conversations!


Last week I had the honor to be a special guest on Inspired Clarity Conversations with VaNessa Duplessie.

In this 30 minute interview I shared my story, tips on how to achieve success in your business and life, and the key people and books that influenced my path on my journey to success.

Check it out here…

Listen to internet radio with VaNessa Duplessie on Blog Talk Radio

What is the number one thing that has contributed your success?

Share your comments below.

To learn more about VaNessa and hear about her dream, visit Share Your DREAM Friday!

To your massive success!


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