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Happy Thursday!

Do you struggle with getting your message out there?

Maybe you have an idea for something you want to share but then forget it once you get to a place where you can create it and distribute it to your blog and other social media sites.

I can sure relate to this as it has happened to me many many times.

Well I came across this new site called Cinch Cast!

It makes it really easy for you to quickly record and audio, add a picture, and write a 140 character blurb about what you are sharing.

It connects with Facebook, Twitter, and your Blog to automatically distribute your stuff there too!

How does it get any simpler than this?

Check out some of the posts I have recorded there earlier this week…

The community is small still and lots of potential to connect and network with the people to build relationships.

Go check it out today…. and make your marketing communication a Cinch!


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