Do You Find Yourself In A Constant State Of Overwhelm?


Almost every person on this great earth at this time is sensing some kind of overwhelming feeling in their live about to much to get done and no time to do it.

Can you relate?

How has that been treating you? Helping you along on your journey towards your dreams and desires in your business and life?

What if… “It didn’t need to be that way?”

What if… “Overwhelm was not even about getting things done or not?”

What if… “It was more about how you be, than what you do?”

Busting through your overwhelm can be done with just a few simple things that you can fit right into your day.

Here are 5 simple tips for busting the overwhelm in your life today:

  1. Breath… Most people these days are in a state of constant anxiety and fear. This is one of the factors that can lead you to a state of overwhelm. The fact that this happens is due to our lack of truly breathing. Yes, we do breath. We have to to survive… but these quick short breaths that we take do not do well for us in a state of overwhelm. Take time out of your day for even just a few minutes to breath deeply and feed your body and brain the oxygen that it is craving for.
  2. Talk… We live in a time where we have never been so connected to people through technology but at the same time, never been so disconnected from each other. When you get into this state of overwhelm sometimes you just need to talk with someone about it. Now don’t use this time to dump on people about your woe is me story like I explained in this post on Telling A New Story, go to them with some concrete things that you are struggling with and feeling and be open to the solutions they may tell you. Ideally this should be a mentor or coach that you speak with.
  3. Dump… If you are like most people these days, you have a lot of stuff floating around in your head. This can be a major factor in being in overwhelm. The next time you feel your head filling up with information and ideas, grab a note book and pen and write them down. Do a brain dump of your ideas and then let your head rest and be relieved of having to constantly think about them. This really helps to bust through overwhelm when you do it on a consistent basis.
  4. Play… When was the last time you just put all of the junk and stuff that we get mixed up in our adult lives aside and just played. Went to the park, grabbed a board game, played basketball in the driveway? Try it, it works! Most people have gotten so serious these days that they have forgotten how to play. Want to really kick this up a notch. Find yourself a young kid to play with. Feed of their imagination and just let it flow. Go with it. Busting through overwhelm will be yours!
  5. Move… How long do you think the average person spends sitting down in a day? Well according to this research in Briton, more than 14 hours!!! Can you believe it?

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    No wonder so many people are feeling overwhelmed, they are just sitting their life away. Take some time, get up and move your body, dance, jump, get the energy flowing. If you have a job that requires you to sit for long hours take breaks and move yourself around. Additional option is for you to sign up on www.theenergyblueprint.com to have access in “Double Your Energy” Video Masterclass for 10 days
    Training This is an amazing way to bust through your overwhelm.

There you have it, the Breath, Talk, Dump, Play, and Move combination that will leave your overwhelm in the dust and you moving forward on the journey towards the life of your dreams.

What strategies have you used to bust through overwhelm in your life?

Share them below…

Keep your dreams alive!

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