Doing The Do


What do you do when you know what you need to do but just don’t feel like doing it?


Most people put things off until that mystical time in the future called tomorrow that never comes?

Why’s that?

How can they decide to do the do no matter what?

Find out here…

What are you going to do today to move you towards the life of your dreams?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Keep your dreams alive!

Screw Losing Control – Just Give It UP!


Can you actually lose control of your life?

Losing control

Or is it just a bunch of crap you’ve been telling yourself?

So many people feel like they are out of control, overwhelmed, frustrated, and just plain crappy in their life.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if the opportunity to get out of that state was just a choice away?

Would you choose it?

Find out how here…

What are you going to choose to take back control over in your life today?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Keep your dreams alive!

The Secret To Having Everything


Do You Know The Secret To Having Everything You Desire In Your Life?


Did you know that it’s so Simple that anyone can do it?

But the sad truth is most people don’t.

Well it can be yours if you choose.

Find out what it is here…

How are you going to show up BEING YOU in the World Today?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Keep your dreams alive!

Success Means…


Are you struggling to life the life of your dreams?


Does the success you desire always seem to be way off in a distant time that you never get to?

Are you tired of the actions of other people guiding the direction of your life?

Well it’s time to stop it and choose a different path.

Check this out…

What personal responsibility are you going to be choosing today?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Keep your dreams alive!

Changing The Channel Of Your Life


What Channel Are You Tuned Into In Your Life?

Change The Channel

Is it the one that is inspiring you to live the life of your dreams?

What is it going to take to check your frequency and change it in your life?

Find out how here…

What channel and frequency are you going to tune into for your life today?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Keep your dreams alive!

Birthing Dreams Into Existence


What Does It Take To Birth Your Dreams Into Existence?

birthing dreams

We all have thoughts, dreams, and visions of our best life and self in our mind.

What holds so many people back from taking those thoughts and turning them into reality?

Find out how the birth of my daughter almost 13 years ago and birthing a business from scratch can help you in birthing your dreams into reality today…

What are you doing today to birth your dreams into existence?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Keep your dreams alive!

The Value Of Silence


Do You Embrace The Moments Of Silence In Your Life?


We live in a world today that surrounds and consumes us with noise and information.

It is everywhere, from the fan on your furnace that blows air through your house, to the television, phone, cars driving by on the street…

Everywhere you go there is noise. Something that is there to distract you from the silence of being with yourself.

Most people have developed the habit of needing noise around them to be able to function. They have no idea what to do with themselves when the silence appears. It become a place of discomfort and fear for most of the people these days.

What has happened to us?

This is a tragedy in the making.

The fact that people don’t put themselves in place of silence is one thing…

But it has come to a place where most people don’t even value silence as being a core part of their life and who the be.

We are so frickin’ busy these days that we don’t know how to slow down, relax, take a deep breath, and be with ourselves even for a moment.

How did we get to this place?

What is it doing to us?

Silence is the most valuable part of our journey here on this earth.

It is the place were we find peace, joy, and true happiness among the busyness of our days.

It is a place of reflection and coming to know who we are and be at a level of connection and contribution that allows us to show up as our biggest selves in the world.

Allows us to dream, and to take the time to believe that it is possible.

So next time you are feeling the urge to turn on that television before you go to bed, or play the radio in the background, consider taking a moment of silence.

Reflect on what is happening in your life.

Think about your dreams and life of the future.

Be grateful for all that you have…

And Just BE With YOU!

It only takes a moment.

Will you take a moment of silence for your life today?

Go ahead… Just do it.

You’ll be glad you did.

Keep your dreams alive.

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Your Philosophies


What Philosophies Run Your Life?


We all have governing philosophies that run our life.

Whether we know what they are or not they are they and define the choices we make and the life we live.

Want to truly change your life? Change your life philosophies.

If things just aren’t working out the way that you expect them to or even want them to, then you may just be stuck with a bunch of life philosophies that are holding you back.

So what is a life philosphy anyway?

They are those things that have been programmed into you that create your beliefs and views of the world.

It defines your perspecitive and interesting point of view you have of the world around you.


If you take some time to sit with yourself and dig deep inside, you will find what they are for you.

And the guess what you can do with them?

If you are an active reader of my blog posts then you probably know already what I am going to say…

You get to choose what you do with them.

You can give them up and say thanks for your work and support so far in my life… but it’s time to move on and you no longer server me in my dreams and desires.

They you can go out and get some new ones.

Image that.

Just Simple.

Choose and take action.

How does it get any better than that?

Take a few moments today with yourself and discover your life philosophies.

Then choose how they are working for you ( or not ).

And make some new ones.

Here are a couple of mine:

  1. What you give away you always get to keep
  2. You can’t complain about that which you allow
  3. On the path to success failure is the only option… Defeat is not

Share some of your life philosophies in the comments below.

I look forward to reading them.

Keep your dreams alive!

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Supporting Others


What Do You Do To Support Others?


Successful people do an amazing job of uplifting, loving, and supporting others.

Now I know what you might be thinking.

Most people people that in order for someone to get to the top and become successful, someone else has to loose out.


Is that your opinion of what it means to be successful?

Someone else has to loose?

Well guess what?

Although it may seem that way in some cases, the fact that someone has to loose is a truly and totally false statement.

What make people successful to me, is the leadership ability that is based on them being truly who they were born to be an allowing other to do the same. (Without Judgement).

It’s not your job. the size of your paycheck, the amount of money in your bank account, fast cars, and fancy houses that define success.

It’s all about who you BE and how you show up in the world.

How are you BEING in the WORLD?

Are you showing up at the true and real you?

Truly successful people have supported 100’s and 1000’s of people on their way to the top… and they continue to do so each and every day.

So what are you going to do to support someone on their journey today?

How are you going to be a contribution to who they are and who they be?

It’s your choice.

Which do you choose?

Start becoming the leader and success that you were born to be today!

Support the people around you along the way.

See you at the top!

Keep your dreams alive!

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The Blessings Of Miracles


What Do You See When You Look Around You?


Do you see miracles?


Look close… they are there.

Just waiting for you to reach out your hand and receive them.

So if miracles and blessings are all around us, why do most people not see them?

It is like they have a blindfold on going through the motions of life and not seeing what is right in front of them.

This blind fold keeps them stuck in the rut of their current existence and struggling to move forward into the life of their dreams.

Well if the miracles and blessings that will take you to where you want to be and desire in your life, then what will it take to through off the blind fold, reach out your hand, and experience them for yourself?

Unfortunately for most people, they are living in a state of wanting more and worrying about what they don’t have and even what little they do have in their life going away.

These things drive them and creates the results that their life is on the outside that you see of them.

Can you relate? Do you know anyone like this?

I have met many people like this on my journey of life, and as I reflect back, I can even see times in my life where I was blind to the miracles and blessings that surrounded me.

So if you find yourself in this state where you can’t see things around you remember this…

“You can’t see something outside of you that you first don’t see inside you”

Life is an inside job. You can read more about this on my post about Who You Be Is What You Do

What you create on the inside always determines what you be and do on the outside as well as what you see around you.

Think about if for a minute…

“Is it possible to see something that you don’t know about?”

Well of course you can’t. It’s impossible to see something that you don’t know.

But what you can do is believe that there is something greater than what you see for yourself.

And to do that it starts with Gratitude.

Gratitude at two levels:

  1. For you and who you be right now and all that you have in your life.
  2. For all the people and things around you that are there to support you on your journey towards your dreams and desires in your life.

Here’s something you can do today to get started…

At the start of each day, right when you wake up, think of three things that you are grateful for, and write them down. Then at the end of each day, do the same thing, think of things that you are grateful for and write them down. This will take no longer than about a minute each time. Don’t over think it. Just do it. Ask yourself the question:

“What am I grateful for at this moment?”

and write down whatever comes to your mind.

Let it flow.

Do it for at least 30 days and watch your life transform.

The miracles are there to bless you with.

Remove the blind fold that has been keeping you in the dark from receiving them.

Start today.

You deserve to live your life to the fullest.

You deserve to have it all and live your dreams.

It’s there for the taking… Are you willing to stick out your hand and receive it?

Keep your dreams alive!

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