Do You Feel The Urge To Be Always Be Right?


There are so many amazing people in the world with such wonderful gifts, but most of them get stuck in the trap of being right all the time.

Can you relate?

Do you know some of these people?

Have you been this person from time to time on your journey?

I know I can and I have…

The thing to understand here about always being right, is that in that scenario in order for you to be right, someone else has to be wrong.

Is it really worth it to make someone else wrong just so you can be right?

What if it was just another point of view that the person had?

Do you need to make them wrong for having it?

Probably not…

Are their cases where the desire to be right takes over so much that you get to the pace of arguing about it?

There is a saying out in the world that goes something like this…

“You can be Right, or you can be Rich”

Which would you choose?

All of the rich people that I have met on my journey have escaped for the need to be right.

In fact, they are at a place where they are wrong most of the time….

But when they get it right, it pays off big time!

So next time you find the urge to be write when someone else is wrong…

Think about it.

What you argue for you will always get to keep.

Is it really worth it to be right?

or can you just accept the other persons information as just another interesting point of view.

Try it out today.

See how it will transform your world.

Be careful what you argue for.

Keep your dreams alive!

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