Are You Running Your Business Like A Business?

When looking at most people who start a home business, there are two distinct states that they operate from.

Do you know what they are?

They may be obvious to some, but most people live blind to this idea even though they are functioning from this point of action. You may even be one of these people. Don’t worry if you are. It’s not your fault and you can choose to change and take a new path.

Have you figured it out yet?

Well, here they are…

1. Running your business as a business.


2. Running your business like a hobby.

So you may be asking yourself what’s the difference?

Here it is…

Running a business as a business has the potential to make you money.

But having a hobby costs you money.

Yes, you heard it right… having a hobby costs most people money.

Take a look at your business and ask yourself…

What mode am I operating my business from?

If you are working from the mode of hobby, no worries, It’s not your fault, and there is hope to turn things around.

Here is what you can do.

Take a good hard look at you hobby run business and ask yourself the following question…

What is it going to take to convert my business from a hobby to a profitable business?

Let me say that again…

A Profitable Business.

You may find when you ask this question that you discover that the business you are in is not the right one for you. If that’s the case, make a business decision to move on and do something else.

Whatever you do, keep your hobbies out of your business.

Have you experienced this in your business before?

Share your experience below.

To your massive success!

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