Which Lane Do You Pick?


One of the biggest problems that I see in most people on their journey with their business or life is them being so worried about the competition and what other people are doing.

Most people waste hours, days, weeks, months, and even years on not taking action because of fear of what other people are or are not doing.

I like to compare this to horses that are racing at the track.

When they are getting ready to race and go out to the starting line, their trainer and rider put the blinders on.

If they didn’t, they would be so distracted by the other people around them that they would not be able to stay in their own lane.

The blinders allow them to keep their head down and focus on the lane they are in, what is in front of them, and where they are going to.

So many people in business and life are distracted by the shiny objects of something better or the grass is greener syndrome.

Can you relate?

Do you know people who have lived their life this way?

Maybe you have experienced this in your past or are even experiencing it now.

Either way, there is a solution to this problem.

3 Steps to Pick a lane for your business and life:

  1. Decide what you truly desire to have for your business and live.
  2. Visualize the experience of already having everything you have desired. Feel that feeling.
  3. Get in your lane, put the blinders on, have your vision of the future in front of you, and just start moving forward.

It’s that simple.

From time to time you may get off track, but don’t worry, just re-focus yourself back into your lane and move ahead to the next step on your journey.

All great things that have been created in the reality of this world have come from people who pick a lane and go for it.

What lane are you running in today?

Is there more than one?

What would it take for you to pick just one and run with it for the next 30 days?

How would your life and business transform into something that you have always dreamed of?

The choice is yours.

Pick a lane and get started today.

Keep your dreams alive!

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