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The GREAT Edward here, Home and Small Business Network

Happy Thursday!

Do you struggle with getting your message out there?

Maybe you have an idea for something you want to share but then forget it once you get to a place where you can create it and distribute it to your blog and other social media sites.

I can sure relate to this as it has happened to me many many times.

Well I came across this new site called Cinch Cast!

It makes it really easy for you to quickly record and audio, add a picture, and write a 140 character blurb about what you are sharing.

It connects with Facebook, Twitter, and your Blog to automatically distribute your stuff there too!

How does it get any simpler than this?

Check out some of the posts I have recorded there earlier this week…

The community is small still and lots of potential to connect and network with the people to build relationships.

Go check it out today…. and make your marketing communication a Cinch!

Keep your dreams alive!

Meeting One Key Person Can Change Your Business Forever!

Join the Movement

Become A Special Guest Dreamer Today!

Make it a great day!

God Bless,


The GREAT Edward here, Home and Small Business Network

I recently attended the No Excuses Summit II in Las Vegas where more than 1000 Home Based Business Owners gathered to hear from many top earners in the business.

The experience was full of Ups, Downs, Twists, and Turns,with a broken computer and monitor, delayed flights, ‘complimentary upgrades’, excellent knowledge shared, and networking with amazing people who are dreaming big and living it out in all that they do.

Check it out…

Join us this Thursday May 12, 2011 at 9pm EST as Diane Hochman share her nuggets from the event and The Hidden Order of All Mega Earners.
Register here:

Pictures from the stage courtesy of Kelly Baader

Learned from these great leaders…
Todd Falcone, Mike Dillard, Jay Kubassek, Mike Klingler, Susan Sly, Diane Hochman, Mark Hoverson, Tim Erway, Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, Paula Pritchard, Aaron Rashkin, Ray Higdon, Andrew Cass, Glenn Arcaro, Didi Alcheva, Justin Christianson, Joey Klein, Chris and Josephine Gross, Jackie Ulmer, Raymond Fong, Ferny Ceballos

Keep your dreams alive!
God Bless,

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