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The Secret To Just Frickin’ Get’er Done In 2012!


Happy New Year!

Just Frickin' Get'er Done In 2012

2011 is now in the History Books!




You Ready for 2012?

Is this going to be YOUR YEAR?

The Year You…

CREATE BETTER Relationships?




Well Is It?

If so…

then this conference call recording below

where I share with you my SECRETs to GETTING MORE in Your Life IN 2012!

As you know I’m NOT about the HYPE…

But I am About Getting Things Done!

This is your chance to LEARN THE SECRETS to how I get the year started and do just that…


Last year is Over!

Yesterday is Finished…

Tomorrow hasn’t Yet Arrived.

Your time to take Action is NOW!

Check out the recording below.

Grab your pen and a note pad to take notes and be ready to get a kick start on this year started with a BANG!

and Just Frick’in Gett’er DONE!

If you know your Why and are ready to step up and Just Frickin’ Get’er Done in 2012…

and do whatever it takes to have success in your business…

Click Here To Your Plan For Your Success In 2012!

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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The Key To Guru Success – REVEALED!


Do You Know What The Key To Guru Success Is?

I’m not talking about the people who are just getting by and coasting through life, I’m talking about the ultra successful and amazing people in the world.

Think Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet to name a few.

In the Home Business Industry, people like Diane Hochman, Mark Hoverson, Ray Higdon, Daegan Smith.

They all have this key and it unlocks within them the success that they currently have and will have in the future.

Check out this video, and find out what it is, and how you can have it to…

WARNING – Watching This Video May Make You LAUGH, SMILE, and FEEL GOOD! Proceed with CAUTION!

How does it get any better than that?

What are you going to generate the feeling of success you deserve in your life today?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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Do you know the Secret to getting everything in your life (including money)?

It all lies in one Ancient Code…

and a Single Word.

Have you guessed what it is yet?

Check out this video and find out the answer you’ve been looking for…

How does it get any better than that?

What are you going to do to open up to having more in your life today?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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Unique Gifts + Learn To Sell Millions!



By now you must be in full swing of the holiday season.

And if you are like me, you still have some gifts that you
need to get for those tough to buy for people on your list.

Do you find yourself wandering the malls on December 24th
looking for something to jump off the shelf and say ‘pick me’?

I have found that to be the case each year for me…

Well here is something that might just help you out this year.

Tonight, my company Numis Network is putting on a Christmas Sale starting at 8 pm EST.

You can join in and Watch It Live HERE!

There will be unique sales on gold and silver coins that could be what you are looking for that hard to buy for person
on your list.

So stop by tonight and check it out.

It may just keep you from wandering in the malls on December 24th this year and at the same time give
them a gift that will not end up in the re-gifting box that you might just get a few years later.

Watch it HERE!

If you see something you like, then Go HERE to pick it up!

If you get it tonight, it will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Now if you already have all of your shopping done for this year, then you still want to check this out and see how someone who has sold millions of dollars in coins on the Home Shopping Network has done it.

If you are in business, especially a home business, then you are probably not much into the sales thing. Right?

I hear you. Sales is not my strong suit when it comes to business.

But there is one thing that I have become good at, and that is PROMOTION!

Yep, I connect with people, and then send them to the one that can do the sales for me.

You know what I’m talking about.

Let me share something with you…

When I started out back in 1998 with my friend in grad school to create a technology company, we knew nothing about sales.

In fact, we really knew nothing about business in general, but we did know that sales was one of our main weaknesses.

We did have one thing…

That was our passion for what we believed in combined with our ability to tell everyone that would be interested in it
about it.

We became excellent PROMOTERS of our Vision and Passion which wound up resulting in attracting millions of dollars in venture capital for the business and went on to be a successful multi-million dollar company.

Who would of thought that two long haired guys who only owned only one suit could accomplish what we did.

It was through PROMOTION and then bringing in the people with the skills and talents that we did not have to do the rest…

My point is this…

Come and check out what is going on tonight and see how a million dollar sales man does it.

Learn from the best and see how you can do it to.

Join in HERE!

See you tonight at the party!

To your massive success!


P.S. If you see something you would like tonight just
go over HERE and pick it up…


The Synthetic Turf Buffalo New York Is Upon Us, Are You Still Building Your Business?

So… are you?

Well you should be because…

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

I was reminded of this song today by Andy Williams today and it inspired me to write this post.

Now I know your wondering, what does best tomato planter and building my home business have to do with each other?

Let me explain.

Bet before I get to that, let me ask you a couple of questions…

What does the holiday time of the year mean to you and your business?

Is it a time of…



or Hibernation?

For most people, this time of the year is all about Hibernation for their business.

They put it to sleep and wake it back up in the new year. Sound familiar?

Now don’t get me wrong…

I am all for Celebration, Relaxation, Downtime, and being with Family and Friends.

That’s why you are in this industry to start with RIGHT?

But what I am not up for is to put by business to rest at a time when it is best to keep it going…

This is why, and your advantage you have if you keep working on your business through the holiday season…

1. You Have More Of A Chance Of Being Noticed.
Let’s face it… Most people are hibernating and sleeping when it comes to their business during the holiday season. This is a perfect time to be seen while others are not marketing and promoting their stuff. Can you say ‘Window of Opportunity’!!!

2. Not Everyone Is Sleeping… People Are Still Looking.
Ok… although most home business owners are sleeping during this time, the people who are looking for opportunities in this industry certainly are not. I would even hedge a bet that they are looking even more actively during this time of year to be able to find something to help them through the season with their family. Not everyone is as happy and cheery as you see on the T.V. specials and holiday movies. There are people out there waiting for you to show up and help them. Go find them.

3. Holiday Parties, Mixers, Functions, and Gathers.
This is my favorite thing during the holiday season. Who says that working your business can’t be fun. I certainly do not believe that. Do you? All of these events that you are booked for are great ways to meet new people and build new relationships. Use them to build up your Rolodex of new partners and customers that you can contact in the new year about what you are doing. Yes, don’t prospect them on the spot, just create the connection, get their contact info, and follow up with them when they are back to working mode in their life. Fun and business all wrapped up into one!

How does it get any better than this?


Don’t put your business in hibernation mode this holiday season and get yourself positioned for 2012 to kick off with a BANG!

The choice is yours…

Which will you choose?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

Enjoy this most wonderful time of the year for yourself and your business!

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The Secret To Success In Social Media Marketing



Originally shared this back in December 2010.


I know that when you stand up and speak your dreams to the rest of the world, the opportunities to fulfill them show up.
There is just one thing left that you need to do…

Take Inspired Action towards them!!!

Today I share with you what I consider the number one thing that people doing business and networking online in social media need to do.
I believe that without it, success will elude you in your efforts.

Check it out…

Now is Your Time to Show UP! in Social Media

Start Living the Life of Your Dreams!

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5 Most Common Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing


Is affiliate marketing part of your business?

It is a key to success of most of the top earners in the online world and a great piece to add to the mix. Just think about it… You can get paid for offering someones valuable products to your customers. They’re going to buy it from someone. Why not you?

But there are some pitfalls that you need to be aware of and try to avoid.

Here are the 5 most common ones that plague most people who fail at affiliate marketing:

1. Do not promote an affiliate product that you have no interest in.
This one is simple. If you don’t have an interest in a product or service, it is likely that your customers do not also. So adding this to your marketing program will result in no sales or income. Even worse, it could confuse some of your customers and have them not buy from you ever again.

2. Not researching the affiliate program first.
Pain and simple, do your due diligence and homework on a product or service before you start to promote it. Here are some must ask questions that you need to consider: Who created it? Who else is promoting it? What is their history of creating great products? What is their reputation in the market place? Will associating myself with this product or service enhance my customers lives when they purchase it from me?

3. Going with an affiliate with bad commission structures.
Make sure you look at the commission structures. Most affiliate programs offer between 20 – 40% commissions, with the average being 30%. Also, make sure you are clear on when you will get paid. Some are instant, others are within a couple of months based on their refund policy. Commission structure aside, always make sure that what you are offering to your customers will add value to them.

4. Not researching the product.
Do not promote a product unless you have done your research and purchased or reviewed them. Having reviewed a product that you believe in will allow you to make a stronger marketing campaign for it and hence get greater results in sales when you offer it to your customers.

5. Do not overtax yourself.
Do not spend all of your time in your business promoting other peoples products. This can be a great way to get started, but make sure that in your plan you start to move towards creating your own products and adding other services into the mix for your customers that will generate different income streams.

Avoiding these mistakes will all you to create a successful affiliate marketing income stream to your business. Make sure that your customer comes first and that you consider all things so that what you are offering adds value to them and your bottom line. The more that people trust you and the products you are promoting, the more likely they are to buy from you.

How have you used affiliate marketing in your business?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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Just Un-Follow Me On Twitter!


Have you ever wondered if the people you are following on Twitter are following you back?

Do you know when people have stopped being active on Twitter?

Well now you can with the cool free tool called JustUnFollow!

Check out this video to found out more…

Grab your copy of this FREE Tool HERE!

For some free training on how I use Twitter to generate leads and build my list, check this out…

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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Knowledge Of Plenty And Master Of Nothing!


Knowledge Of Plenty And Master Of Nothing!

Originally shared this back in June 2011…


What Have You Mastered In Your Business And Life?

Most people live in this information age in a state of distraction and overwhelm… Have you experienced that?

The distraction can be so big sometimes that we loose sight of our goals and dreams and even convince ourselves that gathering all of the knowledge and information is making us a master at what we do.

Well let me be the one to burst that information bubble for you. IT’S NOT TRUE!

Check out this video where I share with you how most people live with Knowledge of Plenty and Master of Nothing…

What one thing are you going to choose today to become a Master of?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

To your massive success!

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Super Simple Lead Generation Tactic


Are you looking for a super simple way to start generating leads today?

Well, there are actually many ways of doing this.

And it doesn’t involve learning some new technical ninja move for driving traffic using SEO black hat techniques to your nerve center.

It’s something that anyone can do.

Even your kids could get involved with this.

It’s called ‘drop card’ marketing.

This is a technique that is usually done by all new marketers, especially those who are working with a limited budget.

You take these cards to public places where your prospects hang out and leave them around for them to find them.

They could be home made flyer’s, hand written posted notes, or ‘dollar cards’.

The money cards attract the most people, because they look like real money.

I recommend the 100 dollar bill version of the cards

Here’s how it works…

You drop the money in places where your prospects will find them,

They pick them up and read your business info.

If they are interested, they will take action and if they are not interested they will just drop it again for the next person to pick up.

How does it get any better than that?

So, if you are just starting out and working on a budget, consider this super simple method of lead generation.

Grab yourself some Money Drop Cards Here…

Order Your Drop Cards Here!

What’s been your experience with this super simple marketing method?

What other methods do you use in your business?

Share your comments below.

To you massive success!

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