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I’m an Entrepreneur, with a passion for Mind-set, Personal Development, Leadership, Marketing, Technology, and Living the dream life I am born to live.

My Mission

To provide a platform and a voice for those who are ready to stand up and be heard to share their dreams and see them come to be in their lives.

As a successful entrepreneur, I have cracked the code for taking a dream, idea, and vision and growing it into a successful business. I went from drowning in student debt and living off $1000 / month as a graduate student in University, pressure from family and friends to give up on my dream and just get a job, to go on to co-found a multi-million dollar business that survived the dot.bomb, changed the face of in-store advertising and marketing forever, while working with multi-national clients like Walmart, Home Depot, Tim Hortons and partners like Sharp and LG in 12 short years.

In the last 2 years I have come online to help others create their dreams into reality in their lives through the leverage of technology, mind-set, leadership, and marketing wrapped with my experience and expertise.

I am thankful to God for all that He has given me.