Are you feeling like you are not having the success that you deserve in your life and business?


Do you look around and see other people succeeding where you are not?

Does that makes you feel like crap?

Does it make you question whether you can ever have success in what you really want to do in your life?

I have met so many people to get stuck in the Delusion by Comparison trap that keeps them stuck in their business and life.

They are constantly in a state of looking around at what other people are doing and allowing what they see to make them feel lousy about what they are, or are not, doing.

From their point of view, these people are doing much better, are further ahead, and these people have come to believe that there is no way they could catch up.

With the information available on the Internet and right in your face while you browse Facebook, these beliefs and comparisons are killing people’s hopes for their dream life before they even can get started.

Can you relate?

At one time or another, everyone has probably been in that state. Unless, you have lived in silence as a monk on top of a mountain with no interaction with people or connection to the Internet for the past 40 years of your life…. But not many of us are doing that.buddhist-monk-on-mountain

So for the rest of us who have not turned to the monk-hood, let’s look at what is going on for a person in this state.

The first thing to consider it that the things that these people are thinking about themselves when they compare to others, are just that… Thoughts!

And the best thing about Thoughts are, they are not real. They are just things that we are thinking in our head.

It is only when you choose to Believe in the thoughts in your head as True, that these thoughts actually become true for you.

Believe it or not… your thoughts can be changed through what you choose to believe.

So the next time you get into the Delusion by Comparison of your life to another persons, stop and think for a minute. Ask yourself this question:

“Is this thought that I am thinking true for me?”

I’ll let you in on a little secret… 99% of those kinds of thoughts are totally false and have not place in your mind let alone in your believes.

Challenge your thoughts when you get into this state on your journey towards your dream life.

Separate your thoughts from your truth.

Align your focus and actions along the path of beliefs that will take you there.

Stop beating yourself up with judgement’s that you have based on what others around you are doing. Just STOP IT NOW!

You are progressing at the pace that is right for you and your current beliefs.

Want to change that pace, change your beliefs.

Show up BIG EVERY DAY and continue on your journey.

You will be triggered emotionally from time to time as you observe what others are doing around you. Take it in, let it out, and continue on your path.

As one of my mentors taught me …

There is no right way, There is no wrong way, There is only your way!

Be You and make the change in the world that you were born to give.

Keep your dreams alive!

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