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Is Knowing Your Why Really Enough?


Is knowing your why in your network marketing business really enough for you to succeed?

If you’ve been around the home-based business industry for any length of time you have heard it many many times…

What’s your WHY?

You have to know your WHY?


Your WHY has to make you CRY!

So do you know what your BIG WHY is for your business?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not dumping on having a WHY and suggesting that you don’t need to have one. In fact, I know that it has to be HUGE! Something BIGGER THAN YOURSELF. It is the thing you can go to when things are not going to well and use as a motivation to get back on track and keep pushing ahead with your business.

The question I have for you is this…

Is knowing your why really enough?

Your why can also be thought of as your vision, passion, purpose, or dream. It comes in many different forms.

But a conversation I had with a fellow online business leader, Ken Pickard, brought a new perspective to the concept of the WHY. As we talked and he was sharing with me his dream for the future he share a concept that I have come to believe is BIGGER THAN YOUR WHY!

Yes, there is something Bigger…

and that would be A CAUSE!

A Cause is something that goes way beyond a Why and moves towards Contribution.

So the next time someone asks you to create your why, go beyond it and ask yourself this question…

What contribution can I be to the world?

Ken took his dream to a whole new level this week on Share Your DREAM Friday by sharing his CAUSE for why he does what he does. Check it out HERE!

How do you see yourself being a contribution to the world today.

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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The 3 Keys To Success In Your Home Business!


Do you know what it takes to be successful in your network marketing business?

Most people think that it is complicated.

Would you agree?

So many new things to learn and unlearn as you embark on this new journey in your life.

Well I have some news for you…

All that stuff that seems complicated is just the noise that is going on in your head.

But if you cut through the noise, you find that there are 3 key things that will allow you to be successful in your home-based business. If you put this into action and perfect them you will achieve all of the success you can imagine.

So what are these 3 keys to success?

1. Learn to tell a story. This is the most important one and the strength of all the top earners and leaders in the company.

2. Learn to share information. The name of the game is to take your stories and package them into presentations that you share with other people. I am sure you have heard this before, for success in network marketing you need to get more information in front of more people. This is true, but if you can’t communicate the information effectively to your prospects, the success will never come knocking on your door.

3. Learn to talk to people properly. Now this one is the icing on the cake. I emphasize properly here because most people when the get into a home based business, start talking about it to people in a weird salesy way. Just talk to people like they are people. Leave the sales talk to sales people. The industry is called network marketing for a reason. It’s about marketing not selling.

So there you have it…

The three keys to success in your home-based business.

How does it get any easier than this?

What steps are you going to take to learn and perfect this skills in your business?

The time to do it is now.

Start today, your success is waiting for you to show up.

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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Have You Perfected Your Story For Your Network Marketing Business?

Network marketing is all about being able to tell stories.

Look at all of the leaders, they are all master story tellers.

People relate to other people and things best through engaging stories.

Ones that paint a picture in your mind and take you on the journey as if you were with them.

Next time you are on one of the Guru Webinars of the top leaders in the industry, or even at one of your companies local hotel meetings, watch how the leaders and presenters share their stories.

The most important story for you to share with others, is the one that you speak when you first meet someone. You have at most 60 seconds to make a lasting first impression, and in fact it is in the first 7 seconds of speaking to someone that they will decide whether they should continue to listen to you.

When I was going around looking for venture capital investors in the late nineties to build my technology company, we called this the 60 second pitch or elevator pitch. In fact in those days, sometime we would only get 10 minutes to do an entire presentation where we were asking for $5 million dollars in funding. So why do people spend an hour presenting to someone where the investment is only a few hundred dollars? Will leave that for another post.

Back to the story telling….

Are you prepared to introduce yourself at your next networking event when someone asks:

“What do you do?”

Here are 5 tips you can use for developing an attention getting story for your next networking event:

1. Start With The First 10 Seconds. What if 10 seconds is all you get? Does your first sentence tell your listener enough so they understand what you do and inspire them to want to know more? Here’s the simple, but effective approach. “I work with [type of clients] who have [these types of problems, issues or challenges].” That’s it. Don’t try to sugar it up or make it real catchy.

2. Avoid the What You Are Approach. “I’m a social media consultant” or “I’m a marketing consultant” or “I’m an Internet Marketer” or “I’m a distributor with…”. You’ve heard them time and again. You’ve probably even done it yourself. The problem is your listener(s) may not understand what the title means or even worse they may fill in an incorrect definition.

3. Avoid the What You Do Approach. “I do small business accounting including sales tax and payroll” or “I provide business owners with mentoring and training in comprehensive strategies to improve bottom line results…” Tends to be boring and doesn’t help the listener(s) understand what they get as a result.

4. Say How You Solved a Problem or Served a Client. Reinforce your first 10 second sentence with a second sentence that shows how you solved a problem or overcame a particular issue or challenge. “I help mid-sized accounting firms plan big conferences on a small budget. I just recently lined up free live entertainment for a firm that hosted 500 people in town last week.”

5. Tell Them Why You Are Unique. What makes you stand out from the crowd? Maybe it’s a unique model or approach for better results, focus on a specific niche, a guarantee, or extras that others don’t provide. There are many ways to define your uniqueness that will help gain attention and make you memorable.

Make your introduction an attention getter. Start with the first 10 seconds. You can always build from there once it starts getting attention. Actually write it down and practice out loud several times until you can just say it naturally.

You only have one time to make a first impression.

What story, pitch, elevator speech have you prepared?

Start creating and perfecting yours today!

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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Would You Enroll You In Your Network Marketing Business?

I’m sure you have heard this question before.

But have you ever really asked it to yourself?

So here are the real questions to ask that are underneath that question…

Are you the type of leader that you would sponsor?

Do you have the strengths that you are looking for in a business partner?

Do you have the STRONG Conviction for what you are doing and know exactly where you are going?

Am I the coach and mentor that I would like to learn and study from?

These are the questions that I would ask yourself each day.

If you don’t answer yes to each of them, then you have some personal development work to do to become the person that you would sponsor in your network marketing business.

What are you going to do to become that person that you would sponsor today?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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The Secret To Reducing Attrition In Your MLM!


Do you know the secret to reducing the drop out rate of people in your mlm business?

You have seen it everywhere you look.

People dropping out of their home-based business opportunity.

Some even before the get started!

But there is a way to overcome this rate of attrition.

Do you know what it is?

Care for a guess?

It is probably not what you think it is.

So if you have been in network marketing for any period of time, you have experienced people coming and going in your business. Maybe you have been one of those people who have been doing the coming and going yourself. Either way, it is a big part of the business and why the biggest part of recruiting and sponsoring is referred to as a numbers game by the top leaders.

But here’s the secret.

The secret to reducing attrition in your mlm business is this…


Yep, that’s it.

Retail customers are the best way to build a foundation for your business, whether mlm or other, and the drop out rate of a customer who is satisfied with the products they are getting is about 5% per month. Although most of the compensation plans and marketing for people joining Network Marketing companies is focused on recruiting and building a team right out of the gate… you should, if you haven’t already, consider building up your retail customer base too. Having a solid foundation of customers will give you the cash flow you need to spend time marketing to attract the people you need to build the business with you.

Have you considered RETAIL as a part of your home-based business?

If not, how are you going to start today to create this great foundation for your business success?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!


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Are You A Buying Addict?


If you aren’t having success in your business, it’s probably because you’re a buying addict!

Is this the case for you, as it is for most people?

If so, don’t worry.

Your not alone.

Most people have this addiction and it’s not just in the network marketing industry.

It’s everywhere.

Just look around…

But I have to tell you, it’s not your fault.

There is hope for a better way.

Before I get to that.

Let me explain what I mean when I say “Buying Addict”

Most people have grown up and been raised to go to school, get a job, make money, and then buy stuff with the money you make (and the money you don’t make). These people are in the mode of ‘buying’ and as my mentor The GREAT Diane Hochman always says… “Spends all their time on the wrong side of the cash register.” This is the cycle of the average person. Work, make money, spend money, work some more, make money, spend money… and the cycle continues.

Now as I mentioned, there is another way.

They cycle can be broken.

Don’t get me wrong.

Buying things is not all bad.

In fact, most of the top people in the industry invest a lot in their education and training.

Yep, they buy a lot of stuff!

You could even say that they are buying addicts also.

But what they do that most of the other people who have not achieved success yet don’t is they are SELLING Addicts too!

This is the place that you need to get to in order to have success in your business.

You have to spend more time on the other side of the cash register selling more that you buy. It’s the only way that you can make a profit and have a successful business.

So what keeps most people back from being addicted to selling?

Here are a couple of things that I have noticed along my journey…

1. They have never been taught to be sellers. Remember the cycle I spoke about that turns people into buying addicts?

2. Our society and culture does not support having too many sellers. Just look around at how things are, you can see it.

So how can you move from being a buying addict to also being a selling addict too?

It really isn’t that difficult.

In fact, it doesn’t really need to involve selling at all.

Come join my team and I as we transform ourselves into the people we need to become to have a successful business.

Discover how you can become a selling addict too!

Isn’t it about time you achieved the success you’ve been working for in your business?

Take advantage of a 14 day trial HERE!

How does it get any better than this?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!

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Which Way Are You Running Your Business?


How Are You Running Your Business?

Forward or Backwards?

Let me explain…

When I was building my technology business, I had the blessing to meet with many successful entrepreneurs and senior executives of some very large companies. I would look at how they were building their business, each of them had a market and industry research group that would analyse the market and determine the current needs of their customers, how to attract additional customers, and the trends for future products and offerings. Once these were determined, they would position themselves in front of those customers and deliver exactly what they were looking for and presto, they buy what they are offering. Now they did not always get this right, but it is the approach they were taking that is more important than their success.

So lets take a look at how most people approach a home business opportunity. They pick a home business opportunity to get involved with because they are so excited about the products or services they are offering. And then, without any market research, planning, or understanding of how to communicate about their message, they start running around trying to convince everyone that what they found is the greatest thing in the world. I know that word of mouth advertising and recommendations are awesome, but for some reason it does not work for most people when they get started in their business. The result is that most of the people give up, quit, and tell everyone that this type of business doesn’t work.

So why the difference in the approach to business?

Whether planning to build a part time residual income or a multi-million dollar business, why do most people believe that the methods used by so many successful ‘traditional’ businesses is not for them?

Why do they build their business backwards?

Want to have the best success in your home business opportunity. Take a page out of the marketing books of successful companies that have gone before you. Build your business forward!

Here is how you do it…

1. Find a hungry buying audience.

2. Source the products and services that this hungry buying audience is looking for.

3. Put the products and services in front of them.

Then just sit back and watch the sales come in. It is really that simple.

And guess what? You don’t even need to be a sales person to do it!

How does it get any better than that?


How are you running your business?

If you have not had the success you are looking for so far and feel like you are running your business backwards…

What are you going to do today to start running your business the right way?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!


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Be Prepared For Your Breakthrough… It’s Coming!


Do You Know That The Breakthrough You Are Looking For In Your Business Is Just Around The Corner?

Well it is!

You are only on partner away from an explosion of growth.

Not just a trickle of growth…


I’m sure you have heard the stories…

This one superstar guy joins so and so’s business and it changes everything!

I know what you are thinking… It only happens to them not me.


Do you know how it happens?

Even better question…

Do you know why it doesn’t happen for most people?

The two reasons that it doesn’t happen for most people are:

1. They quit right before it is about to happen.

2. They aren’t prepared for it to happen, so even when this person does show up, they can not effectively work to achieve explosive results.

Now, if you stayed diligent and consistent in your marketing and business, you will find that superstar person that will partner with you and your breakthrough will happen.

So like they say in the boy scouts, BE PREPARED for that person to show up.

Be the person that would attract that BIG DAWG to you.

Most people ask…

What do I need to do today to move my business forward?

And Yes, you need to ask that question.

But an even more important question is…

Who do I need to become to attract the people I desire to partner with me and create a breakthrough in my business?

The answer to the become question, combined with taking massive action, will allow you to be prepared for the superstar partner to join you.

Don’t worry if you missed one or two along the way to far.

Start becoming who you need to be, there are more people waiting to find you too!


What are you going to do TODAY to prepare for the breakthrough in your business?

Share your comments below.

To your massive success!


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The Time Management Secrets Of Top Achievers!


What Are The Time Management Secrets Of Top Achievers In Your Business?

How do you manage time for your home based business?

Do you schedule specific times or do you just flow with things as they come to you?

I have found that most people do not really have a plan for their business and also determine what they do as things come up.

No wonder there is such a low success rate for people.

I know that everyone is busy, and it is not always easy to find time do all the things you plan to do in a day, and then life happens as well. Right?

Well I have found that the best way to build this business is in 30 minute increments with NO distractions!

Yep, it is as simple as that.

So what can you do in 30 minutes?

Here are some things you can do can…

  • Call Prospects
  • Send Out Packages
  • Email Links To Presentations
  • Invite People To Events
  • Call And Encourage Your Leaders
  • 3 Way Calls
  • Follow-ups
  • All of the busiest people can carve out 30 minutes.

    To make this successful, make sure to be super productive for this 30 minute period and then go back to what they were doing.

    Then do another 30 minutes again.

    If you are working part time on your business, let’s say 10 hrs a week.

    Then you only need to work for 4 – 30 minute increments from Monday to Friday!

    How does it get any better than this?

    30 Minutes to much time to carve out at once?

    Then you can even do 15 minute!

    Doing things in tight time frames, with lots of urgency, excitement, sizzle, and focus…

    You will get the results you are looking for!

    You will achieve the success you are looking for in your business!

    How does it get any easier than this?

    If you had only 30 minute increments to build your business, what would you focus on?

    Share your thoughts below.

    To your massive success!


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    Do you have to get it right before you get it going?

    How many times in your business have you waited until you knew exactly how to do something before you did it?

    If you are like most people, then your answer is A LOT!

    We live in a society where people demand perfection.

    Do you believe that?

    If not, just look at our school system, corporate business structure, and over all culture.

    It is built into every aspect of the core foundation of the systems that run things in this world. I have found that most people are plugged into that I refer to as The Matrix.

    Is it becoming clearer to you now?

    In our schools, we are driven to get the highest marks in the class.

    Our corporations are driven at every level to be perfect from shareholders to entry level positions where people are striving to climb the ladder to the top.

    In our culture, everything from advertising, media, and entertainment bombards us with the message that we need to be perfect.

    Is this really possible?

    When you look at the great things that have been accomplished in the world, the greatest inventions, and most innovative things created, they were all brought to be through much trial and error.

    This doesn’t sound like perfection to me.

    In fact, it sounds like a lot of… can I say it… FAILURE!

    So do you really believe that you need to get it right when in fact that the path that has lead to the greatest things being created in this world are full of failures?

    Sounds like the most important thing for you to do in your business is just get doing it.

    Now don’t get me wrong, you need to have a plans, strategies, and vision of where you are going.

    But what you don’t need is all of the details of how you are going to get there.

    Just having the first step is enough to take it.

    One of my mentors always says…

    “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!”

    So what are you going to get going today in your business that you have been holding back until you get it right?

    Take the step.

    You and your business will thank you as you move towards your vision and dreams.

    Share your thoughts below.

    To your massive success!


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