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Wisdom Moment #21
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 49]

Build People, And People Will Build Your Business

Because in a world where so few people choose work that they would die for, when we do find people who would, like Madonna or “Rocky” would, it becomes irresistible to watch and it also gives us all a new measure of what this possibility model can actually be. Which is what “over-achievers” and successful people do to us.

A true leader is someone who can see what others can’t and they speak using common words, yet sound like no one else alive. Ali did that. JFK had that. A leader can show you things that he or she can see, that you can sense too, but you can’t quite see yet!

And then people ask that Mega-Mind, “Can you teach me to see what I can only feel yet?” That was the magic of Tony Robbins and Gen. George Patton. You just knew what they saw was ALIVE!

But you couldn’t quite see it. Not yet. But as leaders they are able to make the invisible, IMAGINABLE. That is what a leader actually does. They give us sight and vision and folks will wrap around the globe and line up to be given sight. Then once people enter your world you teach them how to be carriers of that.

People actually believe that the secret is outside of them which is not true. Because until you become more of your most authentic self and alive with PEOPLE DYNAMITE no one will have an interest in buying a ticket to watch you.

Always remember that people will always pay you for an energy that you have that they also wish that they had as well. And they do have that energy! They just don’t know how to access it.

Wisdom Moment #21 Thoughts
Where does leadership start? Is it something that is tied to a title or position within a group or an organization? Well, I believe that leadership starts right where you are at within yourself first. You can not give something or be something to someone else if you can not be that towards yourself. Think about that for a moment…

Wisdom Moment #21 Action
For today’s action step, grab a pen and a notebook. Write down all of the things that you can think of that describe and define leadership for you.
Next, go through and circle all of the things that you wrote down that you see within yourself. High light the things left over. These are the things that you need to be to become the leader that you have defined and envision in your life. Take another piece of paper and for each highlighted item, write it down and write what you have to do to invite that into your life and become that characteristic of leadership within yourself.

Leadership starts with you. Become the leader you were born to be today, right now!

This book will show you how…

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