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Wisdom Moment #19
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 115]

The Power of Now is The Essence of Bliss
When you live in the now, versus in the what isn’t yet, you give yourself a POWER that few people are even aware exists.

So in higher evolution we say, “What is, is, and what isn’t, isn’t!”

From now on people CAN flatter you and pat you on the back. However, this will hold very little weight for you because in the end, from now on, you water yourself.

You are self contained. You are a law unto self and your I CAN attitude now gives you an I AM demeanor which stems from your own self affirming reality and feeling of “I HAVE.”

You no longer live in the past or even the future.

Wisdom Moment #19 Thoughts
Do you have the I CAN and I AM Attitude of a true leader? There is a power in living in the attitude of I CAN and I AM that most people do not understand or believe of themselves capable to live. When you move into the state of BE… and shift to the attitude of I CAN and I AM… your life will start to FLOW with EASE!

Wisdom Moment #19 Action
Are you ready for this. Today I challenge you to bury the Word I CAN’T and proclaim the life giving bliss of living in an attitude of I CAN.
Take a picture of it, post it in your house, by your desk, in places that will remind you of what you have done and how you have now chosen to live.

Here is mine…

Many others have done this too. Check it out HERE!

Sound simple? It is… Bury Your I CAN’T Today!

The Million Mind March and this Little Yellow Book will show you how…

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