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Wisdom Moment #15
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 116]

Learn To Be “Un-Consciously Competent”

“Mind, No Mind” means that you are UNCONSCIOUSLY conscious. It means that you ….. “just are.”

It means that you are being just (is) without the thought of what Mrs. Harrison next door might say.

It’s the discipline of love. Your own.

You no longer complain because to do so adds DOUBT into others and from now on you are elated… about “what is” meaning you are now simply, and totally, just in the MOMENT!

People succumb to work they can’t stand because they either live in the shame of the PAST or they FEAR the future. As in “I might lose” or “I might be poor, so I better stay where I am.”

So they grovel for crumbs, instead of crowns, and as such they dissipate love and decide to labor into regret.

Most people place more TRUST in what [is not] rather than on what is. That’s why so many people are so screwed up, so unhappy, so confused and so depressed.

The game of life is this: What is, is, and what isn’t, isn’t and what IS-NOT no longer has any control over you.

Without this gift to yourself, you will always remain in work that doesn’t love you back, do small little menial work and associate with small thinkers who don’t think very much of you.

Wisdom Moment #15 Thoughts
Living life in FLOW meaning living just as you are, You BEING You.
When journey through life in a way that transcends EGO and CIRCUMSTANCE you come to a STATE of BE.

Wisdom Moment #15 Action
Here are some actions that can help you move from where you are to where you BE:
1) Meditation – Did you know that you can think about your thinking? This is the most powerful things that separates us as humans from the animals
Start thinking about your thinking and the fruit that it is creating ( or not ) in your life.
2) Affirmations – Once you have mastered the thinking about your thinking, start to replace the things that are not serving you, with things that are.
3) Unconscious Consciousness – Once you do 1 and 2 continuously within your life you will hit the state of unconscious consciousness, a state of BE.

Try this for 28 days and watch your life change.

Sound simple? It is… Start applying this Wisdom in your Life TODAY and see it transform.

This book will show you how…

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