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Wisdom Moment #13
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 121]

You Can’t Make a Difference Until They Remember You

If you study the Sparrow you can quickly learn the hidden working order of a Bruce Springsteen, a Tom Hanks or a Neil Young. You can spot this character trait of people with high influence, that you can begin to imitate immediately. Use this:

Your “Difference” is Your Gold

The beauty of a Sparrow is that it’s just being a Sparrow and nothing else. All that bird is, is a lump of feathers and some tiny twigs (bones) that are no bigger than tooth-picks. Then once and a while it whispers out-loud, “tweet-tweet.”

What’s so cool about BIRDS is that they don’t add or subtract anything more to or from themselves except for what they were born to be. You’ve never seen a bird laying on its side under a tree doing “oh poor me” and you never will. Plus, you’ll never see an eagle “doing” procrastination or flying close to the ground because it wasn’t born to. An eagle soars HIGH, not low.

JFK and Ali were just being brutally AUTHENTIC and didn’t let fear, embarrassment or OTHER people stop them from being their most complete and authentic natural selves. It takes guts to be someone of influence. Even more guts to lose the “act.”

It takes character to STAND OUT and let it all hang out, no matter what, and only because you believe that NOT to is being totally unfaithful to yourself. FREEDOM is about being free to think and to BE whoever you want to be. It’s a higher level than being transparent. People will love to like you.

Wisdom Moment #13 Thoughts
Are you really being YOU in all that you do?
The only thing to BE in this life is yourself, everyone else is taken.
Live your life as You were Born to BE in the blessing and gift of every moment of each day.

Wisdom Moment #13 Action
If you have not been you, the one you were born to be in this life, you can choose to start to live that way today.
One of the greatest gifts we have as people is the gift to choose. We choose everything in our lives.
Go and choose to BE YOU Today. Right Now!

Sound simple? It is… Start applying this Wisdom in your Life TODAY and see it transform.

This book will show you how…

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