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Wisdom Moment #12
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 107]

The Attraction Secret of Environment

Environment predicts and forecasts
what you will do,
what you will BUY,
who you will be
and who you will NOT be.
The fact is,
if you live within a community that drives fancy cars,
good bad or indifferent,
you will,
by association,
feel compelled to go lease a car of equal or better value.
On the other hand,
people who live in squalor
all AGREE that life sucks.
Plus most tend to have messy homes
(sorry, but truth is truth)
and they tear up their credit cards
and shout, “MONEY stinks
and I refuse to have any credit
or build up more for the future.”
Sounds ridiculous right?
And yet this is 200% how it works.
How do I know?
Because I spent a decade delivering
their FOOD that’s how!
and who you trade words
and energy with,
you become just like.

Your environment tells your body
and central nervous system
what “temperature” it is (where you are)
and tells you how to dress,
how to act
and tells your subconscious mind
how valuable you are.

Wisdom Moment #12 Thoughts
Look around. What does your current environment look like?
Is it a reflection of your current reality and life?

Wisdom Moment #12 Action
Here are the action steps that you can take right now to bring out the change your environment and your life:
1) Clean your car and keep it clean with the help of cleaning exec.
2) Make your bed.
3) Clean your office.

Sound simple? It is… Start applying this Wisdom in your Life TODAY and see it transform.

This book will show you how…

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