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Wisdom Moment #11
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 100]

Anyone Can Be a “Genius” and Many Are

What is a “Genius”
other than a mere mortal
who was conspicuously AWARE
of infinity (all possibility)
being within them
and a person who lives
within the thinking
of their Creator.

Therefore, if you add it up,
people like Oprah and Bob Dylan
were simply co-conspirators
with the same energy
that built the solar system.
Something called “God.”
Now you may argue that.

But not me.
I decided to USE that versus arguing it.
Plus, if you think about it,
isn’t an artist just someone
who becomes the bridge
between man and God?
How else can you explain
Wayne Dyer or a TV cook Bobby Flay?
How can certain people bring us such amazing things?
How did Twain write such incredible stories?

My guess is that “artists” are simply people,
like you and me,
who took a step further
and recognized their inner world
of inspiration who then
presented to us what they found.
Look at Galileo,
or comedian Steve Martin.
Somehow these guys
“caught” their ideas
out of thin air
and their magic was
that they believed
in those hunches
— enough —
to show them to everyone else.

Most people make the mistake
to believe that this is a power
only reserved for
Columbus and Jim Carey
and not for everyone.

Wisdom Moment #11 Thoughts
We are all created Genius. It is just up to us whether we let it shine through in our lives or not.
I believe that there are no extra people on the earth and we are all here for a reason, purpose, and with our own “Genius” to offer.
What are you going to do to let out your Inner “Genius”?

Wisdom Moment #11 Action
Here are the action steps that you can take right now to bring out the “Genius” in you:
1) Become hypnotized and hyper aware of your own potential.
2) Allow your own “work” becomes hypnotic for other people to watch!
3) Become your own attraction. So that other people are spellbound BY you!

Start applying this Wisdom in your Life TODAY!

This book will show you how…

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