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Wisdom Moment #9
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 147]

Who You Are To Society Determines Your Order in Life

Are you ready to be a Puma!
Do you want to grow a personal power in yourself
that most people can’t even imagine exists?
I dare you then to test my theory.
Do this:

Go become a REWARD for a people and a person.
Because what you make happen for others and remind
them of what THEY can be and do, you like a good locksmith,
will also be un-locking more of into yourself.

You suddenly then take on the role of a minister of more.
Your new business is being a preacher of plenty
and you speak truth into people as greater than THEY even believe about them.

No back slapping allowed. No cheap social hush-puppy stuff either.
All you do is remind everyone of how sunny it is.

You do it like this:
You’re standing next to some Joe average “every man”
down the road at your favorite local buck-a-cup coffee joint
and you don’t even look at him.
You simply lift your sword
so he knows you’re a Soldier of Prosperity too,
and you say,
“Knock’em dead today Man Giant!” – and you walk away!

Now look at what happens
because you added that into him
and because now your own WORD
becomes your own VICTORY
and forecasts how you will
demonstrate your own greatness today.

Become a citizen of mankind and become free.

Also, what you give away, you always get to keep!

Wisdom Moment #9 Thoughts
Are you a walking reward for the people you meet in the world every day?
For the waitress, the clerk at the supermarket, the guy pumping your gas, the toll booth operator?
Do you add value to their lives?
Do they leave better than they had been before they met you?

Wisdom Moment #9 Action
Here’s what you can do to change the lives of others today as well as your own right now:
Speak increase into everyone that you meet.
Use a smile,
great job,
thanks for serving me,
call them by the great name that they have been given!

Start applying this Wisdom in your Life TODAY!

This book will show you how…

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