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Wisdom Moment #7
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 139]

What You Stare At You Become

Who cares if it takes however long?
Like back when I wrote myself a FAKE check for some ridiculous amount.
Who cares?
The fact is,
like Jim Carey who wrote himself a FAKE check for a Million bucks and stuck it in his wallet,
the fact is,
in a second,
Cary made is real first in his mind
and then second, WROTE IT down.

So here is what Detective Joe discovered.
Okay, so I have too much time on my hands.
Do you know what I found out after a few thousand books?

“Joe, what in rickety blazes are you talking about.”
if you snatch up an old beat-up copy of Pizza Tiger,
written by mega filthy rich Billionaire Tom Monaghan, who created Domino’s,
you would see, OH HAIL MARY!
Between pages two-ten and two-fifty,
how that Pizza king WROTE DOWN each night after the store closed,
on the back of his flimsy little pie boxes,
he WROTE down his PROJECTIONS for the next day’s pile of money
he expected and forecasted and WROTE down the day before!

“Joe, that sorta sounds like what Jim Carey did too.”


Wisdom Moment #7 Thoughts
What do you stare at every day?
What do you allow your eyes to see, your ears to hear, and your body to feel each moment of every day?
What ever it is, you will become that.
If you want to change your life… change what you stare at.

Wisdom Moment #7 Action
Here’s what you can do to change your life today right now.
1. Write down your dreams, goals, and vision.
2. Stare at it every day… Read it. Speak it. Visualize it. Feel it!
3. Watch how your life will change and move towards the person you were born to be.

Start this today and every day for the next 30 days and see how your life will transform.

Do it now!

This book will show you how…

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