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Wisdom Moment #6
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 69]

A Poor Mind Can’t Justify a Rich Thought
Can you imagine the same Creation
that breathed life into Elvis
and the Grand Canyon
to reward the backwards man with prosperity?
How can the world provide abundance to a man who sees his work as drudgery and to someone who detests his own labor?

Such simple math
and yet millions of half-men complain
about what they do
and how they live pay-check to pay-check.
A half-man is a man
who gives up his voice
by giving up on where his voice would have been best heard.
He’s not a bad man,
just a an divided in half
between himself and his “can be”
versus his shame of not feeling tall enough to have more.
So he settles.
He loses his natural voice
and KICKS the DOG when he gets home at night.

A half man hides his nobility and hides his natural essence.

Wisdom Moment #6 Thoughts
Are you someone who hates there job?
Do you tell people how much you hate it every chance you get?
Do you know how many years, months, and days to your ‘retirement’?
How is this working out for you? Are you feeling fulfilled or worn out?
Have you given up your voice and right to be heard?

Wisdom Moment #6 Action
Here’s what you can do to regain your voice and become the person you were born to be.
1. Don’t let anyone take away your voice and word. They only can if you let them.
2. Be thankful for that job that you hate so much. A lot of people would wish they had one.
3. Step outside of your circumstance and into your more. Stun your boss by being the first one to work, the last one to leave, and the happiest person in the whole company.

Try this today and see how it unlocks you and gives you the greatest power ever to change.

This book will show you how…

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