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Wisdom Moment #5
From the Book Disciplines of Doership by Joe Schroeder

[pg. 40]

Take Responsibility For Your Own Junk!

Hopefully there comes a pivotal turning point in your life,
and I speak from experience,
where having to borrow from your parents
and having to ask the bank lady to give you a humiliating cash advance,
off your credit cards at 28% interest,
as this ex-bo-peep had to do,
where at that moment,
you get SOBER enough to sneak into a closet
— all alone —
and ask yourself
“just what insanity was I thinking THREE years ago that put me where I am today?”
And listen…
you have to own that reality.

Until you can take responsibility for your own crap
you’ll never be able to give yourself the power to change.
Because without ownership of the fault,
you also won’t give yourself ownership of the victory.
So confess and unlock yourself!!!

Wisdom Moment #5 Thoughts
How many of us hold onto the crap that is or has been going on in our lives?
What is making us hold it?
Most likely it is due to the fact that we have not taken personal responsibility for it.
We are playing the blame game. We tell ourselves it was not our fault.
When we do this, we are holding ourselves back from being able to live the life
that is waiting to be revealed to us.

Wisdom Moment #5 Action
Here’s what you can do to take responsibility and release the junk in your life.
1. Confess the crap to yourself and make it yours.
2. Forgive Yourself
3. Forgive Someone Else

Try this today and see how it unlocks you and gives you the greatest power ever to change.

This book will show you how…

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